Peniscola. 25th May 2014

I apologise up front but this Blog is for the Anoraks.

We drove about 300 kilometres south and for the sake of speed we stayed on the Toll road which cost us about €19 plus a couple of weird short stints with charges like €1.67. However, at junction 41 the Satnav told us to come off only to loose itself and not want to play anymore.

Jaki got us on the coast road and we had another 40 – 50 kilometres to go.

Some thing had obviously gone wrong and I was determined (I’ve been reading Geraldine Steel books so I’m on the case) to get to the bottom of it.
When we stopped I got out all the books, maps, Satnav and iPad and started my research.

It transpires that of the 4 books were using, they use three different formulas for identifying Longtitude and Latitude.

Even the two Caravan Club books use two different formulates. Caravan Club Europe use: N 48.85661 by E 2.35222 or if it’s West, – 1.23456

But the Caravan Club book Caravan Cheques Europe use N 48°85’66” by E2°35’22”

Aires of France uses a slightly different system of 48°85.66′ etc.

See how easy it is?

So,mid you put the same set of figures in but use the wrong formulae you end up at a different place.

I tried it on Google maps. I put in: N40.37152 by E0.40269 and it translates to: N40°22’17.5″ by E0°24’09.7″

So where does this leave us? It means I think that you have to know what system Tom Tom uses and then convert all coordinates to that before entering or, like we did, you end up 40 kilometres away from your destination, with an hours extra driving to do.

When we got here we booked back into El Eden campsite for only one night as the weather forecast displayed at reception showed one whole week of rain which started at 10pm last night and got heavier as the night went on. There was constant thunder and lightning until about 0530 this morning when it broke and this morning the sun is out and the sky is blue.

So, as we were in our mathematical mode we did a more scientific study of the available weather forecasts for Denia on the internet. We were surprised to see that there was so much variation three different forecasts on 14 different days gave very different predictions. However,overall the weather in a Denia was primarily hot and sunny with some confusion about light rain on one or two days.

So that’s it. Were heading for Denia, but only after the rain stops.


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