Back to Spain. 23rd May, 2014

It was sunny but a bit cold when we left Carcassonne to head back South.

Jaki’s Hay Fever was getting worse and her morning routine was now Tea and anti histamine in bed.

We asked the Satnav to avoid Toll roads as there appeared to be a perfectly good road running parallel to the A9 (or the E25 depending on which reference number you look at) and we did OK till we got to Perpignan when the Satnav got lost, my Navigator fell asleep and I ended up in. Carrefore car park. The first one I’ve actually found in over two months.

So with a dig in the ribs I woke the Navigator and the Sat-Nav found itself, gave us a set of new directions and sent us off down the A9 Toll Rd.

So much for that.

We crossed the border to only muted cheering and headed for Lloret de Mar. Not because it was where we wanted to be ( bit like Benidorm) but it was in the right direction, about the right travel distance and we knew it had campsites.

When we got there we carried on to Blanes which had 6 camp sites listed and drove down to the Sea Front which had a good stretch of beach but looked a bit tired and reminded me of Bridlington. Slightly past it’s best.

We saw signs for a car park and decided to stop there and check out our camping options. When we got there we realised it had facilities for over night camping for Motor homes, so we pulled up along side 3-4 other vans and had a free night.

Across the road there was a Bar with tables outside and we sat there in the early evening Sun and had. Beer before wandering up to the sea front to get some food.

We found a Tex-Mex restaurant run by a Glaswegian and enjoyed an expensive but very a tasty chicken Fajita with extra jalapeño’s ( he tells us the cook refuses to eat the food he cooks as it’s too hot. At home we would liquidise this and give it to new born’s). Jaki had a really nice steak with Jacket a Spud and Mushrooms.

All the customers were from the UK and I suspect this place which offers a semblance of spicy food, is a Mecca for Brits (and Celts) who crave some thing with a bit of heat.

He told us there was a Supermarket just around the corner and as we needed skimmed milk (we bought full fat by mistake) I ran up the road to get there before nine o clock closing.

Safely back at the Restaurant clutching a litre of skimmed milk (which on opening had gone off as the cap was damaged) I finished off my now cold complimentary Coffee (which turned out wasn’t Decaf as I was awake all night) and we set off back to the car par.

When we got there a couple with British plates were sat outside their van drinking wine and Jaki couldn’t resist going across ‘for a chat.’

They are here for a month in their camper, but don’t want to stay any longer as they come out every winter for 3 months in their caravan?

They don’t like the food so only eat in a English Restaurants, don’t speak the language and are surprised at all the ‘Chinese’ that are taking over from the Indians. (Referring to the small shops and market stalls). They like to ho to Brean in the Summer and their favourite was Unity a Farm.

After five minutes of this I was off to my bed. Jaki being of sterner stuff and drinking free wine, stayed much longer.

The night passed without incident and we have payed to stay on noisier camp sites, so this morning were up and ready to go at 0900.


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