Camping Barcelona. Mataro.

About 15 Kilometres further away from Barcelona is Camping Barcelona and it’s ‘Worlds Away’ from the las site.

It’s still on a main road though nowhere near as busy and to get to the beach you have to use an underpass then walk along a narrow footpath that runs parallel to the railway line. But here they’ve overcome that by providing a free shuttle bus that runs from the camp, to the beach then the train station and finally to the Town Centre, every half hour.

There is also a free bus into Barcelona that leaves the site at 0915 and again at 1115 and return pick up is 1800 and 2000. The late one is for the really hard core visitors as we’d be asleep before then. We’ve booked our seats for tomorrow.

The girl on reception was fantastic, in perfect English she explained all about the site, the buses and generally made us welcome. The pool opens on Saturday for the season as does the Pool Bar but the Restaurant and bar is already open. There’s a free wine tasting course this evening and given were the only English on site I expect to be pissed!

The price here is €25 and she asked for a card to be held behind reception. When I produced my ADC card she said that entitled us to €6 discount per night. We were wise to this and asked if the tax was extra? No that’s inclusive.

Did you hear that El Masnou, tax is included in the price quoted to customers!

Wifi is available on site and it’s much cheaper than anywhere to date. They even give you 10 minutes free so you can satisfy yourself that it’s working before purchase.

All in all this seems a much better site, far better run and at a much cheaper rate. Why would you not stay here if you want to do Barcelona.

As an aside, there were two camp sites shown on the Michelin Road Atlas, Spain and Portugal, page 37 at or near Castelldefels, at a place called El Prat. These aren’t shown in any of the books so we Googled them and sent e mails asking if they were open etc.

I had a response from Camping Estrella de Mar ( advising they were open including, shop, bar and pool so that may well be another option.

Which ever you choose, don’t stay at El Manou, it’s a rip off!


3 thoughts on “Camping Barcelona. Mataro.

  1. camping barcelona is absolutely disgusting. it’s for french people who act as owners. they have sex in the toilets and they allow kids to make a mess.
    worst camping i have ever been in my life.

  2. don’t go there for small stays with a tent…they will place you where the french dogs have their joyful time near the road

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