12th May 2014

It’s raining this morning, the first time since we arrived in Spain. It had been forecast for today and tomorrow so we were expecting it but it was still a ‘Bummer’ to get up to drizzle.
We had a bit of a stressful night as despite all our precautions a Mosquito had managed to get in the van, avoid the 2 plug in Mozzie killers and the Citronella candle and bite Jaki on the forehead. So when she heard the high pitched Buzz of this hungry feller we were up out of bed, lights on, spray in hand. He hid behind the curtains like the coward he was but half a can of fly spray was his undoing. This created such a toxic atmosphere we had to open a few windows.

Yep, back to square one.

So this morning we packed up the van in the rain and I gave the windscreen a good wash to get rid of the dust and debris. For some unknown reason I switched on the wipers to make sure they were working as we hadn’t used them since last year, though they did pas the MOT.

Much to my disappointment they didn’t move.

Despite changing the fuse and checking the power with a volt meter there was little else we could do other than to book a visit to the local garage.

So were sat in the van, in the rain waiting for 3 pm to arrive. Then with a bit of luck and a fair wind the garage will find some thing simple and repair it. Or, as is more likely, they’ll find some thing horrendously expensive, won’t have it in stock, it’ll take a week to arrive and will cost a fortune to repair.

So the first mechanical/ electrical fault after 8 weeks.

If the worst comes to the worst well just have to drive on dry sunny days and hope we get back to the UK without incident.


Took the van to Eduardo & Ramones garage in Peniscola where they repaired a faulty windscreen wiper switch. They spoke reasonable English, were friendly and efficient and it only cost €30 which is much less than I’d expected.

Many thanks guys.


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