6th May. Valencia.

We walked to the bus stop which according to the map provided at reception was right opposite the Restaurant. There was no obvious bus stop but from experience we knew these hand drawn maps weren’t to scale and were often misleading so we wandered toward El Saler without much success.

Returning to our original spot we called into a little cafe next to the Restaurant and they confirmed the bus stop was across the road. On closer inspection there was a Bus Timetable Sellotaped to the lamp post which marked it as an official Bus Stop.

We bought a Coke in the Cafe and asked if we could use their Wifi to plan our day but they didn’t have internet, nor did the camp Restaurant next door.

So against all my better judgement we caught the bus, paid our €2.90 and set off into Valencia without any Idea where we were going, nor what there was to see and we didn’t have a map or a mobile phone with internet! Not a good start.

There then followed 25 minutes of Manic driving that would have earned a Stage Coach Devon Bus Driver the sack.We also realised it would not be a pleasant Cycle ride as the cycle path was spasmodic and often shared the road with the Dukes of Hazzard Bus Co.

We passed the Oceanographic which our neighbour told us later was excellent at €22 with pensioner discount and arrived at L’Hemisferic (the Planetarium) and Museo de Las Ciencias (the Science museum) a Weird and wonderful collection of buildings that reminded me of Fish which ever way I looked at them. We decided to get off and explore.

The next hour was spent wandering around marvelling at these iconic buildings and trying to get some sense of what they contained and whether it was worth us exploring further. We found a site map and spotted the Cafe, that would surely have wifi? Then we could find out what was on offer and make a plan.

When we eventually found the cafe, in the Science Museum they advised there was no wifi. No Wifi in a Science Museum? This gave us a dilemma. We could pay to go in but what if it was all in Spanish or it was dull as ditch water we would have wasted some cash but more importantly, lost valuable time.

So we came away, caught a bus to the City Centre (well as near as we could get) and set off to explore the ‘Architecture’ on foot. Jaki was keen to find the central market where she felt confident we’d find Chilli’s.

Luckily we found a Tourist information sign and followed that which at long last provided us with a tourist map. With hind sight we found that this same map was available at reception at out camp site. Duh!

We stopped for Lunch in a very unimpressive Plaza and I agreed to give Paella another try as this one was Chicken and no sea food in sight. Having done so I can safely say,’ I’m not a Paella Fan’.

We had a reasonably pleasant if rather predictable meal. There was a violinist trying to serenade the tourist for cash whilst the builders used a road drill to dig a hole just behind him . A continual flow of beggars who were very unwilling to leave without any money and the constant noise of traffic. But the sun was shining and we were after all having an adventure.

Pushing on with our new map we found several of the tourist ‘Must Do’s’ like the Plaza De La Virgen and the Cathedral before arriving at the Mercado Central to find it closed.

Now the challenge was to get ourselves back onto the bus route to get home.

Using the Map it was fairly straight forward but a very long walk and I  was on my third lot of Co-Codamol by now.

Having toured Valencia Centre on foot I wouldn’t bother doing it again. It has none of the beauty of Sevilla and none of the quirkiness of Granada.

I’m sure there are things to see and if you want more pictures of Architecture which we clearly did as Jaki took hundreds, then it’s OK.

But I just wasn’t impressed and as the Camp site wasn’t in our top ten, we decided to move on in the morning.



The Phantom Bus Stop


Le Hemisferic
Le Hemisferic



Our chosen Restaurant Valencia.




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