Top tips.

Without doubt one of the big mistakes we’ve made on this trip is coming without an ACSI CARD. Not only would it have saved us money, some nights as much as €6 but the accompanying book is far better than anything produced by the Caravan Club.

Also, we would have ensured we had a reliable SIM card for the I Pad Mini before we left as we are relying more and more on the internet as a source of information. For example. We got off the bus outside the Museum and arts centre, Valencia but didn’t know what it had to offer, how much the entry fee was and even how to find the entrance.
Sort out a cheap way of phoning home. We bought local Sim which kept running out. It was cheaper in the end to use my home mobile.

Get regular contacts organised on Facebook, FaceTime and Skype so you can contact them cheaply and easily.

Getting the tyre replaced before we left would have saved a fortune so making sure all the repairs are completed is a must do.

Organise our money better. There are lots of options but the cheapest by far is to bring cash. All other means are expensive. If you have to use a card make sure you have one that doesn’t charge reticule us amounts. Some I understand make no charges at all.

Bring a supply of ear plugs sufficient to last the whole trip. Reusing them isn’t a good idea they don’t work so well and give you ear ache. Even if you don’t usually need them some sites can be noisy and ear plugs help

Bring swimming goggles most of the pools are salt water and they make your eyes sting.

Don’t bring masses of clothes, you won’t wear them.

Choose your plot carefully, they aren’t always close to the beach or shops. The facilities can range from excellent to abysmal.

Make sure you have lots of change. Nowhere we’ve been has the ability to change anything bigger than €10. Buses will only accept €10 Max and even then they will moan. Make sure the bank gives you plenty of €5 & €10 notes.

Bring a cheap plastic watering can so you can top up your fresh water without having to move the van.

Make sure you have a good selection of fittings for taps as every site has a different fitting. Cir-clips are a must have item.

Hand wash, toilet roll and wet wipes come in very handy.

Some form of transport. At worst a push bike. Even better electric bikes,then small mopeds, scooters and finally a tow car.

Make sure your Sat-Nav is updated as there are lots of new roads and roundabouts that aren’t recognised on older version.

Learn some of the language, at least how to order a beer or coffee.


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