Tuesday 6th May. Onward to Valencia

Despite my protests the team leader insisted we move on to Valencia.

So we took advantage of the proximity of local Supermarkets and stocked up on supplies before we left, though I’m still not sure about pulling a shopping trolley, it’s very ageing

The site is just out side Valencia, called ‘Camping Park’ (page 212 Caravan Europe) and unusually there were no coordinates given for the Sat Nav. It was though, easy to find as it’s in a village called El Saler which we put as the destination in the Sat-Nav and it worked fine.

We were met at the site by a British Guy smiling and waving as if we were old friends. We slowed and said hello and he introduced himself as another Hymer owner. He invited us to join them for a drink later which we did. (Whole Blog on that little episode coming up).

The site itself is a bit odd. It has a pool (not open) a shop and a restaurant but the plots are very cramped and difficult to access with lots of trees and hedging making the space feel cramped and claustrophobic. I much preferred the open plan lay out of the last site.

There is electric on each plot (I think) and an attempt at water but a lot of the taps are broken or cut off and those that do work aren’t quick. I’ve seen a builders nose run quicker than our tap.

There is one toilet and shower block but it’s not marked for women and Men so we spent a lot of time trying to find the right facilities. It transpired that the Men’s area is located through the last two doors and Women’s, the first two. I’m regretting taking the piss out of the Frogs at an earlier site.

Having used the shower Jaki reported there was no heating, there were no locks on the doors, there were a lot of ‘flying things’ that called this ‘Home’ and there were what looked like a Rabbit droppings on the floor. Apart from that it was fine.

The lights didn’t seem to be working when I went and I understand our new neighbours (Janet and John, you couldn’t make it up) complained to reception earlier about the lack of light. On leaving they advised the receptionist they weren’t happy with the standard of the site which met with a shrug of the shoulders.

There is no wifi on site and the two local restaurants don’t have it either. Nearest place is El Saler.

On balance the site leaves a lot to be desired but as it’s only a stopping off point for Valencia it will probably do for a night or two and it’s only €18 so you get what you pay for.

If this one really gets us down there are 2-3 others just next door and one is a Camper only site at €11 per night so that’s our fall back position.

We went out on the bikes to explore the surroundings and quickly found a cycle route that runs to the Beach, along the coast and loops back through El Saler. Not a long ride but pleasant and we stopped in El Saler and bought one Envelope (el Sobre) and a stamp so I could post the forms to the Bank. You buy this stuff in a Tobacconist (where they also sell maps) but you have to ask as they’re kept locked away. Presumably so under age kids aren’t tempted to buy them when they’re purchasing their Fags?

The beach looked reasonable though it was very windy. It had Sand dunes and Tussocks of Sea grass separating it from the car park. There was a Beach bar but it was closing when we arrived and the view of the Med was compromised by several container vessels waiting to get into Valencia Port.

There is also a cycle route right into Valencia ( information puts this at anywhere between 6 & 11 Kilometres each way, depending on what booklet you read) but having travelled into Valencia on the Metro Bus (yellow number:190 or 191) it is much longer than that and it didn’t appear to be continuous. We agreed we were glad we didn’t cycle in as parts of the route looked precarious.

The bus stop is right outside the camp (took a bit of finding as it’s identified by a time table taped to a lamp post) with an hourly bus into Central Valencia so it makes it easy to get in to see the sights. However, there it doesn’t go into the Centre, you do have a bit of a walk. Make sure you pick up a Valencia map free from reception it will save you hours.

Though when I asked Jaki what it was we were going to see she mumbled some thing about the ‘Architecture’!

That wasn’t good enough for me so I pressed her and she had to resort to Trip adviser.

‘What is there to see in Valencia”?

A list of stuff came up including lots of Cathedrals ( I don’t want to see another) but top of the list was ‘Oceanografic’.

Jaki advised we wouldn’t want to go there ‘as it just like Sea World and we’ve done that’!

‘Sea world with Tapas’ I offered lamely.

Reading on down the list we came to the City of Arts and Science which looked interesting but apparently it isn’t as good as the one in Rome. Thank you Trip Advisor, we Wont be going there then either.

At the bottom of the list was The Architecture of Valencia.

Looks like well be seeing that then!


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