Monday 5th May. Calpe

Even when your away there are jobs to be done and today we had to knuckle down to housework.

Jaki spent the morning doing the washing. The bedding all needed doing as we were sleeping in ‘Sand Pits’ with the occasional bit of gravel. Jaki was down to her last pair of clean nickers and refused point blank to turn them inside out.

My job was to find a printing company or Internet cafe somewhere in town and get the paperwork printed for the Bank. As a result of my account being hacked the Bank need me to sign three forms stating ‘it wasn’t me Gov’ and they’ve sent them via email and want them returned in 10 days or they won’t compensate me. Which is pretty useless when your traveling.

Luckily the guy who runs the site offered to print them for me but it wasn’t that simple. The attachments were PDF and with Apple they tend to get embedded in the email rather than come as separate forms. In the end I forwarded the e mail to this guy and it then came up OK on his Microsoft PC. He then printed them out free of charge.

Now all I’ve got to do is go out and buy a packet of envelopes with a
suitable stamp and I’ll be nearly there. I have photographed each sheet and attached to an email which I’ve sent but I’m not sure they will accept that.

By early evening we had decided to walk down to the Beach and visit the Moroccan restaurant we’d seen. We were desperately in need of a ‘Chilli Fix’.

When we got there it was closed. We still haven’t gotten our heads round the fact that lots of places don’t open on a Monday.

So we stopped for a drink in ‘Coconuts’ a bar and Restaurant.

We noticed They had given some of the dishes on the Menu a big red Chilli and a warning these we’re spicey. This seemed like an act of God.

We asked if the dishes could be made even hotter but after returning from the kitchen we were told they couldn’t but, they had several bottles of Chilli sauce which we could use to pep up the dish.

This seemed like a plan and we ordered a ‘Rack of Spare Ribs and the Spicy Chicken Wings.’

We were seated at a table between two couples who smoked constantly (or at least the Women did, which is very often the case) and Jaki ordered a bottle of a Red wine which she called ‘Musky’ and I thought tasted like a glass that hadn’t been washed properly at the Rising Sun.

Then the meal arrived.

The Spicy a Chicken Wings appeared to be pre frozen like you’d get from Iceland, deep fried in Batter that was more like Peanut Brittle. It took the bite power of a Rottweiler to get into them and once inside there was a distinct lack of meat.

The Rack of ribs on the other hand was of the ‘Boil in a Bag’ variety. It was a grey colour with none of the sticky burnt on BBQ flavour we were expecting. Instead there was a pot of Heinz BBQ sauce on the side.

Both dishes were accompanied by a pile of potato wedges as compensation.

When we asked for the Chilli sauce we were given a bottle of Tabasco and some sweet Soy, not what we’d been promised.

Sadly this was the second meal in two days that didn’t live up to expectation and it wasn’t cheap. It came in at €51. Though if we’d had 3 x Bacardi and cokes, 1 x Gin and a Tonic, a bottle of House Red and two main meals in the UK it would have been significantly more.

We should have twigged. This place doesn’t have a kitchen. It relies on heating up or frying pre cooked food. It was so obvious after the event.

The moral of this rather boring tale is.

Drink in the Bars but only eat in a proper Restaurant. Oh yea and don’t go out on Monday Night. Spain ain’t open!


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