Odissea Camper Area. Calpe. Friday 2nd May.

Glad to be leaving Benidorm but we hadn’t really made a plan.

We tend to rely on having Wifi to look at sites advertised in the books in a bit more depth and give us some idea of distances, travel times etc. But the wifi hadn’t been repaired over night as promised, luckily I was successful in getting a €5 refund this morning.

As a result of our poor planing we headed to Calpe not really knowing what to expect but hoping it would be nicer than the big ‘B’.

The other mistake we made because we didn’t have Wifi access was to use the coastal road out of ‘B’ rather than the Toll. This took us through some very congested roads particularly through Altea. As we crawled through the town we noticed a sign for a camp site ( Camping Cap- Blanch) and later when we were able to look it up we realised it would have been a good place to stay. It is right on the Beach with an interesting town offering a variety of shops and a bicycle repair shop where we could get Jaki’s gears adjusted.(She tells me the reason we have to go so slowly is because she only has 6 gears).

It took about an hour to get to Calpe though without the traffic it would have been half that and we headed to the chosen site, Camping Levante. When the Sat Nav told us gleefully ‘we had reached our destination’ there wasn’t a Camper van within miles. Something wasn’t right and as Tom hadn’t let us down since we mastered the Longtitude/Latitude procedure we couldn’t work out what it was.

So we reset the coordinates and tried again but it insisted on taking us over old ground. It was then we noticed the sign for the campsite on some big metal gates that were locked and completely over grown with weeds.

The site, though advertised in the 2014 Caravan Europe book was in fact closed down.

There was another site advertised in the book which we found but it wasn’t in a very good position, miles from Beach and Town and didn’t look very appealing. So we decided to head for ‘Javea’ or as it’s some times spelt ‘Xabia’ where there is a site right on the beach and it was only 11 kilometres further on.

The sat Nav took us through one of the most beautiful and desirable residential areas we’ve seen since we’ve been in Spain and we both agreed if the lottery came up, this would be a contender. However, the roads got narrower and narrower and when we met a van coming in the opposite direction, we admitted defeat and turned around. Well, after reversing up a hill for about 200 Metres we turned around.

Driving back into Calpe we spotted a small camper site, a bit like an aire in a France. This site took only campers for a maximum of 4 days so we called in to see what it was like.

The sign on the gates gave a phone number to ring for the code to open the gates but our credit on the mobile has already been used (€40 so far) so we couldn’t call but luckily one of the residents opened up for us and we parked on a pitch to wait for the owner. When he arrived we were pleased to learn that it was €12 per night, including electricity, plus Wifi ( which actually works) at €2 per night. However if we went for 4 nights the price dropped and we got the whole package for €40. A result.

I also bought 4 litres of local Rose wine for €8.

We were sat having a drink when our neighbours arrived back and it wasn’t long before we started talking and they joined us for a drink.

They were from Leeds and had sold their house 7 years ago, bought a bigger camper and set off traveling. There didn’t seem to be anywhere they haven’t been including East Germany, which they said was great.

We spent a good hour exchanging travellers tales before the bomb was dropped. He blatantly donned the hood of the KKK.

He announced that he was extremely racist and suggested all Muslims should go home! They evidenced this position with anecdotes provided by their Son who apparently works in London and has to offer advice to Foreigners about their entitlement. This advice we were told, is not made available to white Folk.

We shared our view on prejudice and the stereo typing of people but I’m not sure they believed that anyone could be that tolerant and seemed to dismiss this as rather naive.

This was such a surprise as they seemed really nice people and it was disappointing to be reminded that fear and prejudice is alive and well and living in the UK.



View of Penon de Ifach from campsite



Jumping off the rocks behind Penon de Ifach



Admiring the view .stunning scenery.



Looking for a fishing spot for tomorrow


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