Sunday lunch at Los Gallardos,

Camping Los Gallardos
La Perulaca, Los Gallardos
04280 Los Gallardos, Almeria, Spain

Woke up this morning with a hang over and IBS.

The IBS came on yesterday, but instead of eating sensibly and letting it settle down I decided to demolish a bottle of local Cognac, some BBQ Pork and a plate of chips. So it was a shame that our neighbours John and Jill chose today to invite us to join them for Sunday lunch today.

They had heard about a Restaurant on a local expats radio station that served an ‘all you can eat’ Sunday Roast Dinner and were keen to try it.

It was as we passed through the gates J asked.”Where is it Pet”?

J responded. “I don’t know, didn’t we pass it once and I said, that’s that Restaurant they’ve been talking about on the a Radio”?

Most times, having a Chauffeur drive whilst I surveyed the surrounding countryside would be very pleasant but today, with a hangover I was starting to wilt and by the time we got there I was ready for bed and two Imodium rather than Meat and two Veg.

The food was good, plenty of Meat ( Gammon, Beef and Pork) plus help yourself to vegetables and served on nice big oval plates. The mashed potato wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked with a few lumps but the Leeks in cheese sauce was tasty. Sadly the Cauliflower was so ‘al dente’ it was in edible.

The Restaurant itself had little going for it and there was a very functional atmosphere but at €7.50 it was good value.

It was no reflection on the food though that I had to go outside and sit in the shade with a bottle of water before I’d finished my meal, but I did.

Oh I felt horrible. That Male Menopause, if Women only knew what we went through!

The camp site looked very nice with a good pool and restaurant but it was miles away from anywhere and without a car you would be marooned.

Not some thing we would have wanted as the residents were all elderly Brits who spend the winter months here.

So, it was no surprise that the ‘Entertainment’ after lunch was tailored to their tastes. Premiership Football in the Bar, Sunday Mail in the Shop and a singer/ compere on the Terrace. He was OK if a little flat and it always annoys me when people sing Beatles song and get the words wrong, but once the Karaoke started I really felt sick and when a lady slaughtered ‘Oh Danny Boy’ we were off.

If we come this way again well definitely come back, though next time I’ll take an appetite and some ear plugs.







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