A Dodgy day for customers

Having cancelled the Debit card and transferred some funds into the joint account, we set of in search of a Bank. This didn’t seem to be a big deal as there are half a dozen banks 300 metres down the road at the Commercial centre, by the big water fountain.

Initially we were concerned with getting the best exchange rate. On line Jaki was quoting €1.22 to the pound. In reality the best we got was €1.19 but others were as low as €1.17.

To get these quotes we stood in a queue, whilst the Teller dealt with each customer in front of us and each one had a little chat, shared a joke, discussed the weather and any other topic that came into their heads.

What they didn’t do was open another till.

Once we had queued in all six banks, we revisited the one with the best rate and stood in the queue again.

Passports in hand we went through the process of attempting to withdrawing €1000.

When it came to paying we were advised they charged 4% for the privilege which would cost us €40 plus the charges at home. So we declined and set off to the next bank where they wanted €35.

The next bank told us to use the ATM machine outside but despite going through all the process it refused to give us any money as the card was unauthorised. We tried several more times without success. The Machine gives you three different options of the type of account you have, none of which seemed to match our account, so after an hour of trying, we still had no money.
Some Brits suggested we try the money exchange further along the beach past the campsite, but they only change cash for cash so weren’t any help though I did find the price of tobacco as the exchange is in the tobacconists.

We decided to have one last try and went for a more modest €300 and this time it worked.so, was the issue due to the amount we were trying to withdraw or was it some other anomaly, well never know. But be warned. Getting cash here is an expensive and difficult business.

Pleased with our success we went across the road to El CID and had lunch with a nice bottle of wine.

Sadly back at the ranch the ‘Herbert’s’ had been joined by a few more of the ‘chess masters’ from Vera who erected a second tent, accompanied by a lot more swearing. I was told off by Jaki for staring at them as she felt I was ‘Prickling for a fight’. Me!
Later when they were satisfied that their accommodation was just like home, they set off onto the beach for a night out.

Sadly when they returned in the early hours they carried on from where they left off but with the added bonus of several bouts of vomiting, lots of screaming and throwing of beer bottles.

Fortunately with my ear plugs firmly inserted I only heard the odd noise.

Our neighbours who are closer than us had to have words with them in the end but they don’t seem at all phased this morning. The sweet things are stumbling to the shower without any embarrassment and as both tents are still here, it looks like they intend staying for another night.

Oh goodie.


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