Mojacar, 25th April 2014

We’ve been here about a week and were slipping into a sort of routine.

Every day just after lunch ( though it seems to be slightly later the last day or so) the wind picks up and makes sitting on the Beach impossible.

So, we hit the Beach in the morning and when wind picks up find some where sheltered for lunch.though most places have shutters and screens that roll up or down as needed to give some protection, they can be terribly noisy.

We’ve found a few places that offer natural protection such as the Bar next to the Launderette which is set back a bit and the terrace faces the road so is sheltered from any wind coming off the Med. They do great food and really good Tapas so it’s not surprising that all the Ex Pats congregate there. The beach at the back isn’t too good, it’s rocky and full of pebbles but at a push, it’s fine.

Yesterday Jaki bucked the trend and went for a walk at about 1700 and I agreed to cycle down later and meet her at 1800 in the Irish bar.

When I set out I was cycling into a head wind that brought me to a stand still. It took 27 minutes cover what should have been a 10 minute trip. When I met up with Jaki she looked like she had Hay Fever. Her eyes were streaming red and sore and she looked like an exhibit from a Museum, she was covered in dust.

However, when I set out to return to the Van the wind had stopped and it was yet again a beautiful day.

So we cooked Asparagus (though this wasn’t as good as the fresh stuff in Aranjuez, this was Supermarket bought) Prawns and a chicken stew with home made chips. Yes chips, cooked in the Halogen cooker.

Our neighbours John and Jill came across and joined us for drinks so we demolished my new bottle of Brandy whilst the girls set about a litre of Gin.

And this morning, we have to do it all again.

Hell on Earth.


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