A dodgy day for bankers.

Our usual morning routine was disrupted today by the distinctive tone of Newcastle’s youngest and finest using a series of expletives more suited to the building site (sorry builders) than the campsite.

Peaking out of the window we spied a young lady and her Beau attempting to erect a tent between us and the neighbouring plot. They clearly didn’t have a Baden Powell instinct in their bodies, the poor wee twat’s.

Later I found them both in the men’s shower (identity crisis) where they continued their industrial dialogue across the cubicles. She eventually asked him not to swear as ‘there was a man in here’! Duh!

The day continued down hill at a pace when I went on line to check my bank balance and discovered £80 had been spent on O2 Pay as You Go Credit which I now know to be mobile phone charges.

As I don’t have an O2 account and these five payments had all been made on the 10th and 16th April, it seemed these debits were fraudulent.

So we rang the Lloyd’s Bank Fraud Line and went through the rigmarole of giving them all the security information they required.

I was advised that these payments had been made on my Debit Card and the only way to avoid any further theft was to cancel the card. She suggested I had used the card for a legitimate transaction and some one had cloned it. However, looking at my account it has only been used once in the last few months and that was to pay for my Glastonbury ticket on line. See tickets.com would not allow me to use my credit card so it would seem some one got my card details through that transaction?

I advised that Cancelling the card would leave us in a predicament. We were planning to go to the Bank today and draw some additional funds as the cash we’d brought with us was exhausted. If the card was cancelled we would be unable to access my account?

Helpfully the lady said they would send me a new card straight away.

‘Where will the card be sent.’ I asked knowing where this was leading?

‘To your home address.’ Was the response.

‘But were in Spain and won’t be back till June, we won’t have any means of getting any money.’ I explained in a rather depressed tone.

‘Well if you don’t cancel the card we will no longer be liable for any further illegal withdrawals.’ She announced proudly.

Jaki and I had a Pow Wow and called back some 10 minutes later, went through the same routine and spoke to another person at Lloyd’s Fraud.

We agreed to cancel the card, as we still had the joint account debit card, it was merely a matter of transferring the money from my account to the joint account and I could do that on line.

We were advised that Lloyd’s would now need to send me a form which I have to sign and return confirming these deductions were not made by me.

‘Where will that be sent.’ I asked?

‘To your home address.’ I was advised.

‘But I’m in Spain and won’t be home till June.’ I repeated.

‘Hmm, I can send it to you via email but you will have to print it out, sign it and return it to us, if not well assume you have taken responsibility for the debt and we’ll withdraw the compensation.’ He explained.

‘How will I print it out.’ I questioned.

‘Cant you go to an internet Cafe and do it.’ He reasoned?

So that’s it. We’ve been hacked, I’ve spent a bomb on phone calls to Lloyd’s to sort it out. I’ve had my debit card cancelled and I’m running the risk of going overdrawn. Then, I’ve got to find an Internet cafe to send the form back to the Bank and we’ve got a pair of Geordie gender benders with Turrets syndrome for company.

Hardly worth complaining about really!


3 thoughts on “A dodgy day for bankers.

  1. You could try busking your way around Europe?
    You could have had the card/form sent to your home, and I could have couriered it out to you? I know – too late now.
    Why don’t you ask the Geordies for a loan? I’m sure you can swear as much as the next man.
    Let me know if I can be of help. Perhaps I could fly out for a few days, with the cash?

    1. Hi Steve good if you flew out. Were off to Cartagena today after having new tyre fitted, then Benedorm, and finally Barcelona before crossing into France in two weeks time. Don’t worry about money were getting by with joint account.

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