Sunday 20th April 2014

Funny old day.

Got up early enough as Georgia called from OZ at 0745 hrs.

We planned to engage with a few chores before setting out on the bikes for the other end of the beach where we intended to spend the afternoon and then drop in Tito’s for a few drinks about five, when they had some particularly good live music.

You may recall we’ve been struggling with the fresh water supply since we got here, there was a lot of muck floating around in the tank, so today I intended to move the camper up to the motor home point and flush the tank through. This went OK initially. We cleaned the tank, refilled and repositioned the van on our pitch with the awning facing away from the roadway rather than toward it, as before. The idea was to give ourselves a bit more privacy.When we were sat out on an evening we were exposed to view of everyone walking or driving up and down and all our equipment (Cadic, cool box, chairs etc) was on display.

Also, two Spanish Families have arrived for the holiday’s and their caravan’s are directly opposite us. They seem nice but they both have ‘ yapping dogs’ so the van will shield us from some of this misery.

We positioned the van where we wanted it, put the chock’s under the wheels to get the levels right and started putting the camp back together.

It was at this stage we discovered a problem.

Although the pump was running frantically, there was not a drop of water coming out of the taps. We had an air lock. I have to say this happened once before when I took the van out of storage earlier in the year.

When I winterised it I drained all the water out of the system to avoid freezing, though why I did this when the van was stored in a heated Barn, I don’t know. In draining it down I had created an air lock in the water pipes and the only solution was to attach the hose pipe and use the mains pressure to force water to all the taps. Once there, it was only a case of detaching the hose pipe and quickly (as water tends to spurt around a bit) re-attaching the relevant pipe work.

So, we drove back up to the fresh water supply point and cobbled together a connection (bearing in mind the tap outlet and hose pipe used in Spain is a much bigger gauge than ours so nothing was a natural fit). However, my hose wasn’t long enough and we spent some time manoeuvring the van between the trees to get the lengths right.

Sadly after all this effort, there wasn’t enough water pressure to force the air out of the system. On further inspection, the fresh water pressure was created by a header tank rather than mains pressure so this was never really going to work.

We then drove the van to the grey water waste site where there is a hose attached to a tap. This had sufficient pressure though making one big hose join another smaller hose was a challenge. With a few hiccup’s including a flooded van and a very wet Miss Simmons, we eventually restored order to the water supply and rebuilt our camp. A quick mop up and an hour with the windows open and we were good as new.

The only other issue to blight our Easter Sunday at this stage was sharing occupation with an ant colony who have taken a particular liking to our van. They are swarming up the electricity cable and into the bodywork, re-emerging through vents and openings in the walls and ceiling. However, a dollop of Georgia’s Aloe Vera Lip Balm on the cable has stopped them in their tracks.

So we set off up the beach loaded with as much beach paraphernalia as we could carry in two back pack’s (one large, one small) and even resorted to tying the beach umbrella to the bike frame which worked fine till I hit the first roundabout and found I couldn’t turn the handlebars.

When we got to our destination it was immediately obvious that the force ten gale that was blowing was creating a sand storm of biblical proportions and setting up a beach umbrella (which we were determined to do after carrying it all that way) was going to be an engineering fete worthy of Brunel.

None the less, we eventually settled on the beach mat with the parasol acting as a wind break, anchored down with every bit of kit we had and some hefty pebbles. Sadly the effect of the sand storm was to exfoliate the exposed skin completely on the windward side whilst filling ‘Every Orifice’ with grit, leeward.

This couldn’t be tolerated indefinitely and we decided to head for the Irish Rover which offered a Sunday Roast, Carvery style?

Once we were tucking into the Roast Beef and Yorkshires behind the shelter of their storm porch things improved greatly.

They had live music (well, it was live but the wind kept tripping the electric fuses, so we listened to an awful of ABBA )and passed a few hours whilst the wind blew it’s self out.

On the return trip we stopped and made a further attempt at a snooze on the beach but this was thwarted by a sudden shower. So it was back to the van with all haste to rescue the washing we’d put on the line earlier.

Now it’s late afternoon, both my feet and ankles have swollen up again (Oedema) it looks like I’ve got my feet stuck up the backside of a pair of Blow a Fish. So I’m sat here with the said feet in a bucket of iced water trying to reduce them down enough to fit into my sandals.

But nothing can dampen my spirits because BCFC have won again!

We’ve decided not to return to the beach till tomorrow.

So it’s, beer, burgers and bed for this jolly traveller!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 20th April 2014

  1. If it helps, the weather here yesterday was similar to yours, but with much more rain. Kathy & I spent our first Easter Sunday together, with just the two of us. We decided to go to the cinema and see Noah. It appears the weather was even worse back then.
    Hope you managed to remove sand from all orifices before engaging in any romantic encounters!!! Cheers

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