Camping El Cantal di Mojacar. 16th April 2014

At last we’ve arrived in Mojacar, pronounced ‘Mo hack a’.

We had time share here some years ago when Georgia was small, but had to give it up when she started big school. Jaki and I were out one day and went to Cheltenham Race Course for some thing and saw a a time share auction, next thing we knew we were the proud owners of two weeks in Mojacar which we’d never even heard of. The next year we flew into Malaga and drove up the coast to Mojacar not realising there was a local airport half an hours drive away.

For several years we had great holidays here and I have some fabulous memories of the place. Strange, her presence is everywhere, her voice drifting across the silence, her laughter tumbling with the surf. Sudden glimpsed images of her running up the beach, dressing up in her going out clothes, taking as long as her Mother to get ready. Moaning at me for my lack of dress sense, teasing me about the stains on the front of my shirt. Happy days.

We used to use Tinto’s bar on the beach, so last hight we cycled there (about 15 minutes from the camp site) and took some pictures which we sent to Georgia in OZ.

The drive down took us through Carboneras and at one stage Tom lost himself and we had to turn around and make our way back to the main road and start again. The route took us along the coast road which had some spectacular views but some of the most frightening drops I’ve ever seen.

We found the site which is on the main beach road at the Garrucha end of Mojaca Playa.

At first glance this site may not look much. It doesn’t have a pool, it’s a bit scruffy and tired but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in location. If you walk out of the gate and across the road, you are on the Beach. There are half a dozen beach bars to the right and a night club to the left. Were told it can get a bit noisy ( there is a lot of traffic noise and the night club kicks out at 0600) but to date it’s been quieter than lots of sites we’ve stayed on. Though this week end is Easter and it will get busy. Next weekend were told the Students arrive for their end of term celebrations. Newquay in Spain.

This has proved to be one of the friendliest sites we’ve stayed on. Behind us are an English couple whose uncle lives in Mojacar so they’ve been coming here for years. Opposite are two young Spanish guys, one with a child about 6 years old, who we think is a weekend Dad. Last night we lent them a bottle opener after watching them open their beer on the edge of the kerb. In return they sent us two opened bottles of beer.

Next to them is a Spanish couple with two tiny chihuahua, and we spent an age last night watching the antics of the younger one as she explored this new environment. Part lion part mouse, she barked at us, ran away when approached, chased the kid next door up the drive and ran away from a feral cat. That’s a learning curve.

This morning an old British guy who lives full time in an ex GPO Lorry brought us the local English Daily Newspaper and gave us all the background on the site and it’s residents.

The facilities are a bit basic, but clean and we’ve had worse over the past month. Were told it’s a bit expensive, but you pay for the location. There are other sites some look really nice with 2 pools and Saunas but they are all out of the Playa and if you go out of the Playa you have got to go uphill. Big time.

Not a problem if you’ve got a car or a scooter, but on a bike with Jaki winging if she has to go ‘up. Kerb’ it’s a no brainer.

Were gonna have 5 days of laying on the beach starting now and maybe next week well hire the apartment if we can find safe parking for the camper.


2 thoughts on “Camping El Cantal di Mojacar. 16th April 2014

  1. Bill & Jaki, you both have a nice relax, our van is out for the first outing this weekend, all loaded (wine and beer), not quiet as sunny as yours but have a great time. 🙂 Loving the blog.

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