Kawan Village Cabopino, Marbella. 6th April 2014


Having stayed at La Bella Vista we knew it would be a hard act to follow and at €26 per night including wifi ( which has been coming in at €4 a day) that was good value for money.

We made the short trip East past Marbella on the A7 though our maps aren’t detailed enough for us to accurately identify which of two parallel roads we were actually on. There are so many different numbers attached to each road that identifying the one you want can be tricky.

According to the map the A7 is classed as an ‘other road’ but also as a ‘Dual carriageway with motorway characteristics’. In the Michelin guide it is referred to as a Motorway and it’s number is simply a black ‘A’ with a black ‘7’.
We may well have been on the ‘E15’ or the ‘AP7’. You pays yer money and takes yer chance, what we do know is we hit another Toll Rd but this doesn’t tell us definitely which of the two roads we actually took.

We had entered the coordinates N36.48 by W4.74 and to be fair to ‘Tom’ he got us almost there. He did insist we take a right when it should have been
left at the roundabout on the slip road and again insisted on a right which took us to the heavily congested car park at ‘Andy’s Beach’ where we were forced to do a three point turn whilst other motorists wanted to park.

Unfortunately the only person to complain was a Brit who looked slightly embarrassed when he realised I was also English and responded to his abuse in a similar fashion.

Had we been looking up not down at the Sat Nav or the map’s we would have seen the sign for camping towering over everything else when we left the motorway (or road with motorway characteristics).

Once on site we found the Cabin my Sister Maria had hired for 4 days and even better bagged a plot right opposite that had plenty of sun and electric hook up. Nothing could go wrong.

Exploring the site which is large and rambling we quickly realised why it was so popular. It has an indoor and an outdoor pool. The outdoor we used today and though a little cold when I first got in, it was clean and very refreshing. There are a few sun beds around the side (all designed by that great Spanish engineer who designed the showers, which I’ll come onto in more detail later) but in peak season these wouldn’t meet demand.

The indoor pool is inside a huge Polly Tunnel and was so hot it would be almost impossible to stay in there for any length of time. Making the nearby Sauna redundant.

The bar and restaurant, we are assured is cheap, good value and serves large portions so on that recommendation we decided to try it out this evening. Sadly when we got there it was closed as it’s Monday so back to yet another plan B.

We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Sister this morning (having bought extra Croissants and doughnuts from the visiting bread man whose car horn became more and more agitated as he failed to sell all his wares) when we finally sourced a wifi connection and read on Facebook that she had gone down with a tummy bug and wouldn’t now be coming.

So Jaki and I spent the day laying on a sun bed along side a beautiful pool that had no other occupants for most of the day. Tonight well walk to the local Italian and have a Pizza and some ( well a lot) of red wine.

Last night I went exploring on my bike whilst Jaki strolled down to Andy’s Beach where a dozen Beach bars were swarming with people after a day on the beach. It was full of big, bald Brit’s with ‘Love Mum’ and ‘Chelsea’ tattooed on various parts of their body. Beer guts and bling seemed to be the order of the day and the blokes were even worse!

My cycle ride came to an abrupt end when I realised every direction apart from heading for the beach was Up and in some cases down before more Up. So I abandoned that and set off to join Jaki at Andy’s bar where I was harassed by countless Touts trying to sell fake watches and designer sun glasses “Cheap as Chips”.

Looking at my fellow clientele, they had done a roaring trade.


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