Hiccup with the blog

As readers may have surmised, Wifi here in Spain rates with me about the same as Dog mess on the Pavement or flotsam and Jetsam on the beach.

Trying to write a Blog and keep it interesting is one thing, battling against crappy Wifi and I’m sorry to say a WordPress app for iPad that is at best temperamental, has become some what of a chore.

My solution is to write my diary long hand, then when I have sourced a reasonably reliable wifi, have the patients and the literary creativity (in other words, when I can’t think of anything else to do) I’ll write it up.

This won’t be so spontaneous, but may well see a marked improvement in spelling and grammar, at the very least.

So don’t be alarmed ‘old things’ if you don’t hear from me daily, you will get an update at some stage, who knows, it might even be worth waiting for.


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