Is there a word in the English Language for a group of women, on a bus, talking all at once? If not there should be.
I rather like ‘A Squawk of Hens’?

We caught the bus into Seville this morning. We were a bit late setting out but got there for lunch time.

The bus stopped at the Plaza De Espania and if you wanted to you could get straight on to one of the Open top tour buses. There is a choice of two, one Red and one Green but they are both the same price (17 Euros) and I think cover just about the same route.
The other option is a horse drawn carriage ride at 45 Euros for an hour. The advantage of this is they can get down some of the narrow streets which the bus just can’t access.

However, we chose to sit and have a beer and some Tapas as we hadn’t had any breakfast. This was a good move as the Tapas at 2 Euros a bung was great value and very tasty and a beer, well a beer is good anytime.

We set off on foot across the Prado de San Sebastian a small park and wandered toward an interesting tower we could see in the distance which as it transpired was the Cathedral Y Giralda.

Following our noses we entered another park (there are plenty of them in Sevilla and they are very appealing spaces filled with the scent of Orange Blossom) the Jardines de Murillo and exited into Santa Cruz which is we think the Jewish Quarter. This is a maze of narrow streets peppered with bars, restaurants and shops but the charm of the place is the architecture. Large wooden doors studded with brass knots are sometimes left open allowing a glimpse into the world behind. These entranceways are often decorated with ornate tiles, fountains and potted plants. They are truly stunning, like little jewels, Cameos of the grandeur of these buildings.

By chance we found ourselves at the Archive de Indias which is a square in the shadow of the Cathedral where a Guy was playing Spanish Guitar. The sound washed across the square like the smell of Skunk at a festival and brought about the same good feeling. It was magical, all of Spain rolled into one moment.

Our wandering continued along the Avenue de la Constitucion where we watched the cyclist navigate around suicidal tourists who stepped blindly onto the Cycle path in order to take a picture or to avoid the trams which run right through the city centre.

At some point we decided to turn around and made our way back to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus back to Dos Hermanas.

Some times when you visit a City you don’t quite make a connection. There seems to be something missing. Like going to the Zoo but not seeing any of the animals, you feel cheated and a bit at a loss as to why you are there.

But I really got Sevilla.

It has beautiful buildings; plenty of space, the parks and piazza’s are fantastic spaces. Stepping out of the cramped narrow streets into a light filled square where the sun hits your face, your lungs fill with air and you feel rejuvenated.

There are miles of Cycle tracks all off road through Sevilla, and 2500 Boris Bikes at 11 Euros a week.

If that isn’t to your liking there are frequent buses, the tram system, a Metro and sightseeing tour on a boat. Add to that good food and plenty of wine.
What’s not to like.

Well perhaps the Gaggle of Hens on the Bus?


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