Seville. 25th March.

There had to be a day when things didn’t go according to plan and today was it.

Things started OK. We packed up and drove the short distance to the local shop where we bought a couple of Litres of local Oil and some Honey but the Oil was €4 per litre which seems a bit dear given the country is awash with it.

Once on the road we drove for 100 Kilometres through Olive Groves that stretched from one horizon to the other. As far as one could see in all directions, up hill sides and down valleys there were Olive Tree’s.

We made a short stop to get a coffee and use the loo but made Sevilla in good time, the bus rumbled along at 100 kilometres per hour like she was loving it. The only obstacle was the road surface which in places was very poor and we had to slow right down to avoid setting up a rhythm that shook your fillings loose.

Now we have 3 maps and a Satnav in operation and I have to concede Jaki is usually pretty good at navigation, but there are some obstacles which she just couldn’t overcome.

The camp sites we are using are sourced from the Caravan Club Book, Caravan Europe, Spain and Portugal. They give all sorts of information about the sites but in particular they give the address and the post code as well as the longitude and latitude coordinates, so you’d think it was impossible to get lost. Wrong.

The directions for today’s venue required us to leave the A4 and at the next roundabout, take a right and the site was supposed to be 80 metres on the right. Wrong.

They forgot to mention two other roundabouts that you have to cross before you get to the one where you turn right! Small mistake I know but we’ve spent an hour driving around the back streets of Seville looking for a camp site that was in the end 4 kilometres away.

Then we have the issue of longitude and latitude. Having never been a Boy Scout ( I was a Cub but that doesn’t count as they only made Pathfinder shoes in a size 6) I’m not familiar with this but we attempted to put the coordinates into Tom Tom with no luck. Later we read up on this and discovered that the Caravan club book puts a – in front of the coordinates which indicates the latitude should be West not East, once we discovered this little miracle, we had cracked the Da Vince code.

This all came about because we couldn’t put the address into the Tom Tom. It won’t allow you to put post codes in as a navigation tool even in the UK so, we rely on putting in the address only. Here though the addresses are some what confusing and the book uses abbreviations at which you have to make informed guesses but if you get it wrong, the Sat Nav spits you back out.

Camping Villsom. Dos Hermanas.

So we got to the site later than planned and had a very hard job finding a suitable pitch as the site is like a rabbit warren with lots of little tracks and paths that are just big enough to get the camper down. The pitches themselves are small and narrow which means most vans are parked at Jaunty Angles rather than square on the plot. Also, there are limited Electric points so even when we found a suitable plot, we had to move as the cable wouldn’t reach. Then we found most plugs were reverse polarity.
The Wifi is only available at the Bar and reception so well have to spend some time there if were gonna keep on Blogging.

Also it looks like it might be a very expensive site as the pitch is €17.25′ the van €8.4, the electric €3.75 and €5.45 per person. Let’s hope it’s worth it.

Eventually, after nearly having our first row, we found a plot, not a great one but a plot, set up shop and opened a bottle of redders.

Were now attempting to cook a stew in the funny little round cooker we brought but as the electricity is a bit weak this might be ready for breakfast.>


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