Camping Despenaperros .24 th March

This camp site seems to be used by travellers as a one night stopping point en route to some where else which is a shame because it’s a nice site, with great views and some rather nice facilities.

It was easy to find as it’s sign posted from the A4 though you have to have a bit of faith as the road takes a few unusual twists and turns.

Once here, the guy in reception didn’t speak much English but was very helpful and keen to make us welcome. In fact we weren’t sure whether to stay one night or two so he said, ‘pay when you leave’ which at €17 plus free Wifi ( which he pronounced Whiffy ) it’s a steal.

He allocated us plot 63 though why I’m not sure as this had a whopping great tree right in the middle of the entrance making positioning of the camper difficult. In the end we settled on plot 67 and Jaki went back to ask him to switch the electric on at our new plot.

Most of the sites we’ve stayed on to date have a water tap and grey waste point on each plot so filling up with fresh water is easy though dumping grey waste hasn’t worked to date as  our discharge pipe has been on the wrong side.

There’s a pool which we haven’t visited but looks good on web site, and it has the usual shop and bar but the showers were a bit disappointing.

They have a set of Hot Showers and a set of cold showers (as I found out to my cost) and there is a sign on each door telling you so, but they have been defaced so aren’t exactly readable. None of the shower heads were the same and I had to shop around to find one that wasn’t floppy with erectile disfunction or didn’t leak so much water you had to flatten yourself against the wall to get wet.

Another annoying thing were the hangers for clothes. These  were sort of made of Marble, lovely rounded things moulded into the tiles but would they allow me to hang my clothes on them? No, every time I hung up my towel it slid seductively to the floor.

The biggest moan though has to be the lack of heating in the block, it was freezing and at this time of year that’s just plain cruel.

Toilets without seats can be pretty cold too so be warned.

Add to this the lack of sink plugs and nowhere to sit to put your shoes back on and you can see theses are not 5 star facilities.

I went for a cycle along a dirt path through the national park in which the site sits but there wasn’t much to see other than pine trees and olive groves.

In the other direction I scouted the town and found the nearest restaurant and bar which were just a stones throw from the site. The town doesn’t have a lot going for it, a shop and a girly bar were still doing business but a lot of Restaurants had closed and there were a lot of derelict houses.

The local produce here is unsurprisingly Olive Oil which they sell in 5 Litre jugs and Honey (Mil) which we think might be a bi-product of pollinating the olive groves

So that evening we walked across to the bar and had a drink whilst the locals played Dominoes. This wasn’t a very relaxing place as they had a TV playing and the noise of the Dominoes echoed around the bar like rifle reports. We were made welcome though but it was clearly a local bar.

We walked back up the road and into a hotel and restaurant for a meal.

It was a bit dark and dismal but they did put the lights on though it was so cold we had to eat in our coats. What made it worse, they had a huge wood burning stove which they cleaned out before we sat down but this was a false promise as they failed to put a match to it.

Food was good though, 3 courses plus bread, coffee and a bottle of red for €15 each.

When we got back to the van, we put the heater on full and snuggled under the Duvet.

Perhaps this is really why no one stays here long. It’s bloody cold.


Entrance to the camp site.




The Hotel bar where we ate.



The campsite pitches.


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