Which side of the fence am I on?

Funny how most Tories assume that everyone else is also a Tory.

I suppose it’s common amongst these ‘Snowbirds.’ They seem to be a certain type. Retired and reasonably wealthy. Choosing to spend the winter in a camper an in Southern Spain, rather than a Council House in Hull.

Judging by the type of van’s they’re driving they do have a few Bob.

We were sat in the Restaurant here on the Campsite on Thursday evening, tucking into our ‘Menu Del Dia’ (consisting in my case of stuffed Egg’s, followed by a Pork Fillet) when our gastronomic neighbours decided to engage us in conversation.

I’m usually a bit coy at these times as I’ve acquired the knack of attracting the most boring bastards under the Sun. Numbed by cheap red wine ( for future reference unless I blog otherwise, cheap wine does not mean horrible) I responded.

However, it wasn’t long before I had to stop mine host and remind him that some of his views aren’t shared.

As a strategy I advised him I was a trades Unionist which I feel sets the right tone and people usually shuttle off mumbling, but not in this case.

“Oh, that’s OK” said Dave (Dave!). “Some of my best friends are in a Union, in fact we even have some at the Lodge”!

I ask you, how liberated is that?

He (Dave) spoilt this almost immediately by saying. “Most
of them worked there in the kitchens.”

By this time ‘Old Dave’ as I was now calling him, was on a roll and told me he once stood as an Independent Tory Candidate at the General Election because the local Tory party selected a candidate who didn’t support John Major.

This was my chance, I asked him about Edwina, you know sort of ‘Man to Man’ but at this point he seemed to have found a bit of gristle in his Yoghurt and he wrestled silently for a while before changing the subject.

He didn’t seem keen to discuss politics after this?


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