Saturday with no football

So what to do on a Saturday when there’s no football?

Guess the only option is to do some chores. So, I emptied the grey waste, put fresh water in the tank which should have been straight forward but the hose came off the tap behind my back and soaked me down one side.

Then I emptied the cassette toilet, cleaned it, lubricated it and put it back into service.

By this time the drissle that had started falling at about 0600 started to ease off and some blue skies were wrestling their way through the clouds. With this change came a stronger wind and we decided to wind the awning in in case the wind got stronger.

I was merrily winding away when I became aware of a crunching sound from the roller mechanism. As I went on it became increasingly difficult to turn the handle.

In frustration I rolled the stupid thing back out again. On examination the awning was covered in large gob’s of ink black bird pooh. Like Simon kings hat when he visited the Shetlands, we were coated in good luck.

Presumably camping underneath a large pine tree wasn’t such a good idea after all?

These dollops of bird dung contained nuts and seeds as well as the usual unpleasant stuff and this had turned the mechanism into a big Pepper grinder whose pepper seeds were in danger of overpowering the mill.

Jaki made off to the shop and bought a mop and bucket with which we scrubbed and washed the awning till most of the muck was removed, though the more stubborn areas may take a few more washes.

We assume the birds roost in the tree overnight and, like me, have to use the loo several times before morning.

On reflection, It was perhaps a blessing that most of this debris was deposited onto the awning and not onto us whilst we were enjoying last nights BBQ?

However, this pestilence will be visited upon us again this evening so we need to be prepared.

You cant beat camping eh?



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