Some views of Aranjuez


The campsite at International Camping Aranjuez. Choice of 3 different size pitches of which we chose the middle one. They aren’t big and I’m not sure there’s space to put up our awning. Some pitches are difficult to navigate into, particularly with a caravan. There is Wifi @ €4 per day or €15 per week but it isn’t very good, and it’s very weak. showers are fine but hot n cold can be a bit of a lottery. Good restaurant and bar. Wine in shop very cheap and good value but opening times seem to be a bit random


The River runs along side the site though there is no access from here. I have been feeding fish with bread and on several occasions really large fish have come to the surface and gulped it down. Great in the evening when sun is setting.


The Town seems to focus on the Grand Palace which is built out of pink and white stone. It’s very striking and well worth a visit though there is a cost to go inside. There are some great gardens which were designed and built on an Island with irrigation channels being created to keep it watered. theres lots of information about its history and the changes that have been made over the years but I suspect anyone interested will Google it rather than read it here.


Thought this was rather interesting. It’s one of the covered walkways but the brickwork and design made for a great shot.


Now this is what I like best. We found a small back street bar and sat in the sunshine. Two beers, plus free plate of sandwiches and crisps, €4. There are plenty of little bars like this as well as restaurants and as the Town is small it’s easy to get around. Cycling is good as there are lots of cycle paths denoted in red tarmac. There is a train station where trains run into Madrid every 40 minutes. The C3 line at €8 day return, though be warned it gets busy with commuters.




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