18th March Fuentes Blanca’s. Burgos Spain.

The temperature really dropped during the night but that’s to be expected as we are relatively high up and very much Northern Spain.

It was cosy under the Duvet but getting out of bed 10 times for a pee became a bit of a challenge with my mind saying no and my bladder saying yes. We do have gas heating which we could put on but as we haven’t as yet resolved the gas issue, were trying to conserve our resources.

It didn’t stop us sleeping till gone 0900 though.

I made some tea and we opened the curtains to reveal the spring sunshine

Once revived we made the pilgrimage to the toilet block armed with shower gel, scrunchy and deodorant, though I put the same dirty T shirt on afterward which might have undone all my good works.

Ignoring my Mum’s warnings never to speak to strange men in a public toilet I struck up a conversation with a German Guy and with his broken English and my school boy German, we managed to greet one another and have as pleasant a conversation as one can have with a mouth full of toothpaste and a face full of shaving foam.

I chose the most virile shower which delivered plenty of hot water, so much in fact that it flooded the cubicle and I had to spend 29 minutes mopping the toilet block as well as rescuing my sandals which had set sail for open water.

Back at the van we put together the bits and pieces needed and set off to explore.

There is a cycle track running from the site into Burgos which follows the river which gave Jaki an opportunity to try out the amendments I’d made to her push bike. I’ve removed everything bar the essentials to reduce the wight as she constantly complained that the bike was too heavy but in doing so I’ve taken away all the things she liked about it except the ‘fat bottom girls saddle’.

It was a very pleasant ride of about 20 minutes and we found ourselves outside the humanities museum where we parked the bikes, crossed the bridge and had breakfast in a small Cafe Bar. Tortilla and coffee for me Danish parties and coffee for Jaki.

We set off on foot and found to our surprise that Burgos is very picturesque and had lots of interesting places to visit.

Our first port of call was the Monasterio De San Juan where we were impressed by the art of Marciliano Santa Maria. Some rather stunning paintings of the local landscape, villages and village life as well as some rather grand Religious canvasses that were presumably commissioned by the Monastery.

Then we spotted a rather nice looking bar and stooped for a small Beer and a huge Cognac and some fresh olives.

We headed down narrow streets by now shut for siesta and found the Cathedral on the edge of a huge piazza. Paying the €7 entrance fee we had the whole thing to our selves as there were no other visitors. We were given a gizmo that looked like a mobile phone and instructed to press the appropriate button at various stages of our tour. Mine lasted 5 minutes before I realised it was aimed primarily at people who had all bleeding day to spare walking around a Cathedral. I needed the abridged version. Jaki was more stoic and stuck with it, editing the content to give me more bite size information. I’m a child of Twitter, anything more than 140 letters and I’m on suicide watch. Which reminds me. Everyone we’ve talked to since we’ve been here has been, Old, Retired, well travelled and willing to Talk For England! They seem to have so much time on their hands. Can’t they see I’m busy?

This morning an old boy from Pill near Bristol recognised my accent whilst I was hanging out my washing (note to self, stop talking to imaginary mates when I’m out) and decided to set up stall for the long haul. In the end I had to revert to.”Well I must go, I’ve got work to do.” Shit I’m retired!

The Cathedral was pretty stunning and we took far too many photo’s but it was worth a visit and if I’ve got time, I’ll try to insert some photos without wrecking the Blog.

The wind had picked up by the time we started cycling home and we were glad to get back to the camper for a nice cup of tea.

Given the wind we’ve decided to head South tomorrow so Jaki is planning a route as we speak.

Burgos is a real find, with it’s narrow streets, large Piazzas’ and it’s cycle friendly.

Well worth a visit.


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