17th March

The day has started well, there’s sun on one side of the boat and people are walking round the poop deck!
Unfortunately there aren’t enough people walking round the poop deck as the queue for breakfast is a mile long. So we decided to get a coffee from a vending machine ( after walking the full length of the boat to the piano bar only to be told they aren’t open yet) but we had left all our change in the cabin. So back I went and now laden with euro coins I’ve put my €1.10 euro in the machine only to find most of the choices are sold out. I’ve ended up with half a plastic cup of black sludge, no milk and no sugar. It tastes disgusting.

As this is the first trip of the season and were only 10% full you’d think some one would have topped up the coffee machine?

It was the same last night. There was a list of very nice Single Malt Whiskey’s at £4 for a double but when I tried to order, they had none!


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