17th March cont.

Just came back to the Cabin to complete the morning ablutions in private. Jaki has gone off to buy a magazine which usually consists of her getting new ideas for DIY tasks when we get home or delusions of grandure and another Lottery ticket purchase.
Sadly the cabin stinks off feet. That horrible acidic smell of school changing rooms after a particularly cold and wet cross country run with Mr Harrison (Dapper) shouting at you all the way.
Or the smell of the carpet just outside the Men’s changing room at Esporta.
I can’t believe Jaki and I have created this monster.

However, I’m now attempting to shower and change in a telephone box so I need all my powers of concentration.

And a pooh, so better go!

We departed the Ferry and made our first navigational error at the very first roundabout, choosing the right road but the wrong direction, so a very quick U turn put us back on track.

The route was great, beautiful scenery, great roads, sunshine. It couldn’t have been better.we followed theA67 as it climbed through Cantabria to a hight of about 1300 Metres above sea level, passing several snow capped peaks on route, some signposted to Ski Resorts before dropping down again to Burgos which is still about 800 metres above sea level.

We found Borgas and tried to get into a big Carrefore to stock up but found we were too tall to get through the barriers, so another au turn and we were heading for a garage where we filled up with diesel and got the low down on parking for camper vans at Carrefore.

Our shopping trip took longer than planned.

We sourced a SIM card for the phone easily, it set us back €12 plus €10 credit but the nano Sim for the iPod was a different fish. We tried every phone shop but no one spoke English, however the girl in the Orange shop hit on a plan. She googled English / Spanish translation and between us we managed to find something though were not sure whether what we’ve bought will turn out to be a blessing or a curse. €3.6 per day for 250 meg but we don’t know how long we’ve signed up for, how we cancel, does it carry over? So watch this space for updates. As it turns out the campsite has Wifi for €3 per week so it may be irrelevant.

We did our food shopping (Cheese, Bread and Wine) then made our way back to the van.

Now we’ve booked into the Municipal camp site in Bergas (Fuentes Blanca’s at €20 per night including the electricity) and it looks fine, were sat outside the bar having a beer. There’s a good selection of people here and a bit of a Buzz so well slip back to the van later and cook some food then I think, an early night.

We chose our pitch from the vacant plots and as it’s out of season we had plenty of choice, but some of the toilet blocks are closed so it looks like well have a bit of a walk in the morning.

We set up camp and cooked some marinated Pork that we bought earlier with seasoning, salt pepper and red wine. Served with fresh salad, local tomatoes and fresh bread plus loads of red wine (that was on sale for €1.80 and tasted great) we had a Supper fit for a King and Queen.

Once it got dark it got cold and we quickly sought shelter in the van with a kindle and a Duvet each.

Jaki has source places to visit tomorrow which will undoubtedly entail lots of walking so I’ll need my strength.


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