7th March 2014

I collected the Camper this morning and got it back just in time for the service engineer who was fitting the battery for me

Battery safely fitted
Battery safely fitted

Luckily I didn’t try to connect the Battery again myself.

As it transpires, Hymer use the Brown leads as the ‘negative connection’ and not the ‘positive’ as I’d expected. The Engineer very kindly labeled all the leads so next time, even I cant put them on wrongly.

So I paid up , filled the water tank with fresh water and turned on the heater, which promptly refused to work.

There was no light on so i suspected the power supply was missing.

Poor old Mike the Engineer was out having lunch with his wife when I contacted him but he indulged me and advised the fuse on the Regulator may have blown. When I checked, the 5 Amp fuse was indeed blown. I did a bit of Google translation and discovered that the fuse named ‘Heizung’ was indeed the Heater fuse. So another trip to the Car accessory shop and I had the heater up and running.

Regulator fuses
Regulator fuses

It looks like were getting to the end of all these little jobs and by next week we should have the van road worthy and ready to roll.

Cant come soon enough.


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