Redirecting the Mail. Monday 3rd March 2014

As we’re going to be away for at least three months and we only have a small mail box fixed to the wall (there is no letter box in our front door) we need to have our mail re-directed to Jaki’s Mum’s. Most of the mail we came back to last time was junk and all the offers for cheap Pizza had expired though we are expecting to win the Million pound premium bond prize this time. If so, well ditch the camper and buy a new one.

I Digress. Expecting this to be a fairly simple process I logged on to the Royal Mail site and attempted to set up the redirect, unfortunately it wasn’t that easy.

The site assumes your moving house which is a bit disconcerting but I pressed ahead assuming it would all come good in the end.

I  had to enter the details for all three of us and I was surprised to be asked to enter our ages. What does that have to do with redirected Mail unless of course they charge extra if your over 50 due to the amount of crap SAGA send out?

Once done, I entered the date I intended to ‘move house’ (bit weird) and the date I wanted the redirection to start, then the date I wanted it to end.

I wondered if they had evidence that people move back into their old house’s after 3 months?

I chose the  3 month period which would cost me £33.

However, when I  attempted to enter the dates the site wouldn’t accept them and after some frustration and a bit of swearing, I managed to translate  from their Gobbledegook  that the start date has to be a working day (why?).

I worked backward and chose the Friday before the Sunday, entered the dates, got accepted and clicked OK.

At this point I was told the bill was £66 as I had gone over the 3 month period by two days (yes the two days I was forced to add) as a result I was no longer eligible for the £33 and had to pay for 3 – 6 months.

Despite my endeavours I was unable to find an ‘Edit Option”and had to resort to Phoning an 0845 number.

Now one of my pet hates is a Web Site that defaults to the telephone in an emergency, not only is it a bloody nuisance but its so last week!

I phoned the number and was pleased to be greeted by a happy voice that gave me 16 different options, none of which seemed remotely like the one I would need and when I did get to speak to ‘Sharon’ I was proved right. She kindly put me through to another number which then gave me 7 options (at this point I felt cheated) which eventually got me through to ‘Darren’.

‘Darren’ listened to my problem, intimated I was a ‘Tosser’ for making a mistake in the first place (though he didn’t say that as “the call may be recorded for training purposes.” Who ever uses these tapes for training? The only people listening to old tapes will be at GCHQ) but told me to phone back tomorrow as the  re-direct wouldn’t show up on the system for 24 hours!

In the long run it would have been easier, quicker and less expensive to have put on my wet weather gear, cycled to my local Post Office and sorted this out there rather than try using their on line system.

As an ex ‘Postie’ myself  (though my career was short lived as i fell over a dead body whilst taking a short cut and got all the letters soaking wet) I love the Post Office, Post men and Women (Particularly those that who wear shorts in all weathers) and would not wish to speak ill of a great British Establishment, but surely some one could make their web site a bit more user friendly?



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