Toll road charges. 27th Feb 2014.

Here’s a thing.

After receiving notification from Hertz Rental Australia that I had used a Toll road and not paid, and as a result I had to pay a 28.41 Australian Dollar fine (which they had already taken from my Credit card account, thank you very much) I couldn’t let this lie.

The paperwork advised that the offence took place on the 18/01/2014 at 2003 hrs which is a bit strange seeing as how we left Australia on the 22nd December 2013 and we were back in the UK on the date the offence was alleged to have taken place.

So, I sent Hetz an email and they responded immediately (11th February) advising that they would get back to me within 20 working days. 20 Working days!

In frustration I sent a tweet complaining about the lack of communication from Hertz and low and behold they responded asking for a DM so they could sort the problem out.

They eventually confirmed that the details, date, time, registration were indeed correct and that I was recorded as having the vehicle at that time. They went on to tell me that all of their vehicles are registered with RMS (Roads and Maritime services) who manage the Toll Road’s (amongst other things) in Australia.

“In order that they can record and bill me in an efficient manner”.

So, I advised them that I was in fact back in the UK on the date of the offence (as their records would show if they cared to take a look) and asked for an explanation.

They sent a very curt DM advising that the money had been returned to my account.

I asked for an explanation and perhaps an apology?

Grudgingly they responded  saying “We do apologise for the billing error” (the efficient billing error ?) and said they are ‘not sure what happened’?

Looks like their ‘Recording and billing in an efficient manner’ went to rat shit in a bucket?

However, I have since been in touch directly with RMS Toll’s and they tell me they have no offence recorded for that vehicle, on that day, at that time?

I wait for an explanation from  Hertz in an ‘efficient Manner’. But I wont hold my breath.


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