Next stage Europe

Monday 3rd February 2014.

Been at home now for 3 Weeks and as everyone in the UK is aware, it hasn’t stopped raining.

Its been particularly difficult to re-adjust with neither of us working,not much money left (thank You Australia) and our plans to take the Camper van across Europe requiring at least a promise of good weather some where.

My initial reaction on getting home was to turn around and head back to Thailand. We have some 90.000 air miles (though they’re called Avios points now) and a buy one get one free offer from Lloyds bank that would have seen us back in Thailand for about £600 but that had to be booked by end January or we lost it, and we did.

So today we booked the Ferry Crossing from Plymouth to Santander on the 16th March, slightly later than planned but its the first day they start sailing from Plymouth so any earlier would require sailing from Portsmouth. Theres plenty to do though as we don’t have a route planned so Jaki’s full time role now is to sort out where were headed. I suspect well just head South until we see the Sun and then well stop and turn around and follow the sun back to the UK in time for Glastonbury Festival at end June.

Georgia has gone back to Australia with her traveling Chums and is currently staying in Melbourne with my friend Julie-Ann until she gets her new visa and a job.

Its surprising how quickly you get back into bad habits. Since ive been home ive started getting irritated and annoyed by all sorts of things that didn’t bother me at all for Months.The frustrations of everyday living that set traps for us as we go about our business. Despite my best efforts ive started listening to Radio 4 again and inevitably ive been exposed to politics and the antics of the Con-Dem Government. I thought i was over that.

Its real hard to be a ‘Hippy’ when your day revolves around shopping,cooking tea,decorating (yes, ive been doing that too) and i had a haircut and shaved off the Fu manchu beard.

God i feel so bloody ordinary again!

So. its time to get ready for the next trip. To get the camper out of storage, taxed and MOT’d, kitted out stocked up and ready to roll.

Ill keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Next stage Europe

  1. Oh how the other half live, I wish we could join you, loving the Tweets, loving the blog and looking forward to the next stage.
    As you are having fun listening to Radio 4 avoid BBCQT as your blood pressure would not take it.
    Love to you both 🙂

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