For some time now ive been eating Breakfast’s in Cafe’s up and down the country and i love them.The ‘Greasy Spoon’ is alive and well and living on a street near you, you just have to find them.In the past i have searched web sites for information on breakfasts and there is very little out there. In particular i have searched for ‘Sunday Brunch’ and had little success. To date the best Sunday Breakfast in Bristol is theHowever, some are better than others. Some offer great food at a reasonable price and some offer crap food just because they can. My aim is to eat in as many as i can and record my views on that meal at that particular time. This i hope will encourage others to add commenst and reviews of their own experience at the same Cafe or indeed introduce another venue to the Blog, either way i hope to accumulate information which can be used to find a good breakfast.My opinion may be completely different to some one else, the food may be better or worse on a given day due to a range of factors.


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