Leaving Bangkok

We stayed in the Hotel last night and ate the buffet out on the balcony.

We discovered they offer unlimited wine, spirits, cocktails coffee and tea for a set fee of 500 Baht per person, so if you get in there at 1800 hours and they finish serving at 2230 you can get good value for money. Steve tried to do the best he could to drink them dry but they kept coming back with more.

So the day was spent in limbo, packing bags and then waiting till it was time to leave the room. Luckily they allowed us to stay till 1400 and we put the bags in store after that and sat around in the garden killing a bit more time.

Steve and Cathy left at about 1500 as they are catching the sleeper train up to Chiang Mai. He has sent a few text messages updating me on progress (or lack of it as the train is so slow) and he has now experienced first hand the delights of their catering service.

I suspect they are already tucked up in bed by now.

We took a taxi at about 1800 expecting some delays but there wee none, though the driver did take a circuitous route it didn’t cost us any more than usual.

Georgia has been in touch, she’s back in Thailand with the gang.

We set up a Viber account which seems to work OK, well, we got through to her last night using it but she was in bed so we woke her up. She didn’t sound impressed. They are off today to Phi-Phi (probably not the correct spelling but wifi access here at airport is limited to one hour so I’m having to switch it on and off to make best use and I can’t google the correct spelling) so we haven’t been in touch today. I’m sure we’ll be able to speak to her in depth when we get home.

My sister has to have a Lumbar Puncture tomorrow so I’m thinking of her tonight .

Jaki has gone for a walk round and I’m taking the opportunity to bring the Blog up to date though I’m being bombarded by people’s germs as everyone seems to be coughing or sneezing. Now I wish I had one of those face tasks the Japanese wear.

I was lucky enough to stand in line at Passport control behind a pissed up Russian. I could smell him long before he spoke and when he did it was interesting.

“The next Arab I meet, I’m going to kill him.” Was his opening gambit. Quite a show stopper.

It would appear an Arab (though how he knows he was an Arab I don’t know) sold him some green Thai soup but it was over 100mls so it was confiscated. Much to his disgust.

“I hope there’s a f*****g nuclear war.” Was his next line.

He must have thought I was a like minded soul to take me into his confidence like this. I felt touched.

Who ever gets to sit by him on a flight will have the journey from hell.

I have a sneaking feeling our flight has been amalgamated with an Air Canada flight as they are both showing the same departure gate and time?

It’s that stage in a trip when you just want to get home, even though it’s wet and cold. Though as yet we haven’t booked any transport from Heathrow. We intend to try booking a bus in the morning and if not, we’ll try the train. If all else fails, well hire a car.


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