Saturday 11th Jan

Yesterday was spent in dialogue with Thai Airways using a variety of methods.

When we left the UK we were allocated a pair of seats at the rear of the plane (Boeing 747) which are row 68/69/70 seats A & B and J & K. The advantage of these seats is that there are only two in a row so you don’t have to talk to anyone strange, you don’t have to get up to let them get to the loo and you can walk about a bit more in the space at the rear of the plane which is great when you have arthritic knee’s. We were told these seats were ours throughout the whole of the journey and indeed they have to date. On the flight from Melbourne to Bangkok we did have the last row of seats and they were a pair but it was a different aircraft so there wasn’t as much space to stretch but they were still preferable to a middle row of 4.

When I checked with Thai Air yesterday they advised that seats allocated to us for return journey were 47 F & G. Not good.

I e mailed them asking if a change could be made but the response I got was less than helpful. In frustration I tweeted and Thai air responded. They were very Sorry ( heard that a million times since we’ve been here) and could I click on the link below and give them some additional information. However, when I clicked on the link it took me to a page that was all in Thai, but there was a link that said ‘English’ which I took to mean. ‘Click here and this page will be displayed in English not Thai’.


It took me to Thai air Facebook page. There was a drop down menu ‘Talk to Thai’ but that didn’t work and despite the greatest mind of all times ( no not Jeeves or Sherlock) Jaki was unable to fathom it either.

The rest of the day was spent sending e mails and tweets to which I got useless or gibberish responses.

At the end of which they suggested there was nothing they could do and I might want to contact Trailfinders to see if they could resolve it.

Sorry Thai Air but your customer service lets you down.

We were also in communication with Georgia as she and the gang were flying out of OZ to Thailand that evening and from there they would make applications for their second year visa and claim there tax back. If all this went well they plan to move back to Melbourne and work for a further year, if not they will have to come home to the UK.

It was at this point I took a clean shirt out of the Laundry bag, only to find nothing was ironed ( ever tried pressing a shirt by putting it under the cushion of the couch and sitting on it) so despite it being ‘outrageously expensive’ and I gave a hefty tip, it wasn’t wearable!

As a means of taking my mind off it, we caught the boats up to Koh San Road and spent a while walking round, drinking and eating. I met a young guy from Sweden on the boat who was a Buddhist and was off to Burma (Myanmar) for 8 months in a temple. Later we met a guy who is traveling on to Afghanistan and then hitch hiking back to the Netherlands!

And we though we were doing a trip.

We managed to miss the water Taxi’s who close at 2200 so had to get a taxi home, which took about half an hour as the driver avoided the Toll Road and cost us 300 Baht.

We were all glad to tumble into our pits and agreed we would meet up at some unspecified time in the morning.

Currently Jaki and I are enjoying our morning cuppa watching the swimming gala in the open air pool of the International School opposite.

We have for the last week tried to buy extra tea bags (yellow Lipton’s are the nearest thing to English tea) but without any success, so we savour the one tea bag we are allocated by the Hotel as if it were precious.

I have tried reusing the tea bags like Doug Carvallo used to do at Southmead Fire Station but the resulting Tea is weak and insipid, a bit like Doug.


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