Friday 11th Continued

We strolled down to the crossroads and took our life in our hands crossing the road. There is a Zebra light controlled Zebra crossing but no one stops for it, cars stop on it and it only gives a false sense of security to pedestrians.

We collected a bag of laundry and were charged 280 Baht which at 80 Baht a kilo is double the rate charged in Samui and on the Koh San Rd it’s 30 Baht a kilo though judging by the smell of armpit up there it isn’t used very much. Across the road is a bar we called in to on our visit in November (seems such a long time ago) so we stopped for a few drinks and some ‘Finger Food,’ some spicey chicken wings and vegetable fried in batter, whose name escapes me. Steve discovered Thai Rum though it was in a Sang Song whiskey Bottle, looked and tasted like Sang Song Whiskey but,the landlord insisted it was Rum. So, it was rude not to have some.

We moved on to ‘Happy’s’ just down the road and introduced Steve and Cathy to Thai BBQ (as described in an earlier Blog). This was much better second time around. We knew what to do this time so we could keep the soup boiling and the meats cooking. With a few beers this was great fun and very satisfying, and as all the meal was cooked by us, piping hot, there were no added extras.

Steve insisted we go back to the bar and try a few more Rum’s before bedtime and I didn’t have the heart to refuse.

Crossing the road was less frightening on the way home!


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