Rude awakening

The day has started swimmingly.

We woke this morning at 0700 to the sound of construction work on the site next door. They are building a new Hotel and currently they are hammering in the deep bore piles to support it. Luckily our room overlooks the building site so gets the full impact of the noise.

We complained and they agreed to move us to the other side of the Hotel.

So we went down for breakfast and Jaki served herself some scrambled egg on toast, took a bite and felt unwell so couldn’t eat.

At this point the restaurant manager approached us to advise that our booking didn’t include breakfast, so we’ve now paid 1200 Baht for my Brekkie and the one Jaki didn’t eat. On the street we could have eaten for a month for that!

Now we have to repack as they are moving us to another room.

So the morning is spent re packing and unpacking instead of relaxing around the pool where the sound of construction is drowning out the bird song.

The reception guy said ‘ a lot of people have cancelled due to the building works and the protest’.



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