Most annoying

It’s taken me months but I have decided the Chinese are the most annoying people to share a space with.

It was close. The Russians, of whom there are loads in Thailand are the most boorish, they demand and push, last night apparently I wasn’t getting of the boat fast enough so a Russian who looked like a cue ball barged me out of the way in his rush to get somewhere really important.

The Thais we’ve spoken to say they don’t like the Russians, they are rude and they find it a bit strange that the Russians stock pile fruit like it’s a Cold war weapon, often filling suitcases with mango’s to take home.
The French (love em) are very noisy and their kids don’t seem to have any manners but it is the Chinese who have really ‘Gripped my Shit’ the most.
Yesterday at the pool a Chinese lady came down wearing the complementary dressing gown and slippers provided in the room. Slightly over weigh wearing round ‘John Lennon’ style glasses with lenses like the bottom of a large Chang bottle she looked like an Albino Buddha.

When she got to the sun bed next to mine, slippers sodden with water, she decided to make a FaceTime call but being as short sighted as she was she held the samsung camera on the tip of her nose to see the person on the other end and then used the phone like a walker talkie or a microphone to reply, shouting so loud people at the other end of the pool were looking up. This went on for about 20 minutes and despite the looks from other guests she was oblivious to the disruption she was causing.

So despite a lot of competition even from the UK (a family arrived on the private beach of our Hotel in Samui, commandeered two sun beds, sent their kids to play in the pool, scored some drugs from a guy on the beach and then left all their rubbish for some one else to clear up) I’ve decided the Chinese get the prize for worst other guests.

Though we still have a few more days so it could change.


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