Leaving Chiang Mai. 7th Jan

Yesterday was a bit of lost time. Jaki was still unwell so the farthest she made it was the pool where she slept all day, however we were both glad of a rest and a chance to top up our tans. The pool is L shaped and strangely gets the sun at one end till 10 am and then everyone runs around the other end and grabs a sun bed ready for the a Sun to reappear at 1100. There isn’t a lot of space around the pool and beds are fairly close together which means any annoying behaviour is amplified. I don’t know who wound me up most, the French couple who spent the whole time shouting on their mobile phones ( she was particularly annoying as she paced up and down the beds as she talked) or the Chinese/Korean family who shouted to each other across the Pool and whose children screamed every time they went in the water.
By late afternoon we went up to the room and Jaki went to sleep again. She did rouse herself later and we walked to a local bar but drinking water here isn’t really stimulating so we were soon home and Jaki was asleep again by 2130. We were awake again at 2400 when the Asian couple in the next room came in and had a blazing row that went on for hours despite me beating on the wall with a chair leg. Then I was awake till 0430. Not the best end to our stay.

We’ve been more aware of food poisoning here than we have on the rest of the trip. In the lobby this morning I was talking to an Irish guy who told me his party ate in the Chinese Restaurant on the 21st floor last night. He sad they weren’t happy with their meal and most of them couldn’t finish it. Then during the night they all went down with the runs. He had just been to see the manager to complain.

There have been a few complaints about the Hotel. In the lift this morning there were three couples, one from USA, India and a European couple. They were all complaining about their rooms which were on the 19th floor ( the one where our Wifi wouldn’t work).
One said his bed was so uncomfortable he’d asked for it to be changed, one said their room smelt ( was this the one we moved out of as that did whiff a bit) and one didn’t have Working Aircon so it was too hot. Now this isn’t a 5 star hotel though they do try to promote it as such and by English standards it would be classed as in need of a good clean and a visit from Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen but it was only £140 for three night including breakfast. If you want 5 Star, you have to be prepared to pay for it.

What this does suggest is that an expensive looking lobby doesn’t guarantee cleanliness or food hygiene. At least on the street you can watch your food being cooked and if your not happy,walk away. Also, deep fried food or stir fried at high heat seems to be safer than salads which may be washed in local water but that may do more harm than good.

So this morning we booked a taxi for 1100 and checked out.

The ride to the airport is about 20 minutes and cost 200 Baht.

We booked our seats on line so it was a bit pot luck, however at the check in they asked for passports and allocated our seats without a hitch. Well except when I handed over a piece of paper from my pocket that I thought had our booking reference on it. In fact it was a note about BBC World News this morning. One of the presenters reporting on the cold weather in the States Said. “The temperature here is eleven degrees below Zero, Fahrenheit.” What does that mean?

Quite a comparison with the railway. Why do you need to show your passport to buy a rail ticket but don’t need to show it to book a flight? Thai Logic.

Were sat in Bangkok Air Boutique lounge which I understand they have at every airport. It’s clean ( as long as you don’t move the seats as underneath it’s thick with dust, but that’s to be expected) and there are fee refreshments. The Ice a Cold Milk Tea,methought discovered by accident, is delicious and the pastries, especially the custard ones are a dream.

I’ve just watched a Promotional Video for Holidaying in a Thailand and the Star, a young European looking guy is experiencing all (well not everything) Thailand has to offer. He decides to take a dip in the Hotel pool so jumps in”Bomb” fashion, which you are specifically instructed not to do at every pool. He then hires a push bike and cycles round merrily without a helmet. Finally, he hire a Kayak and paddles out to seal without a life jacket.

Oh well, that’s Thailand!


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