Today’s challenge

Here’s the thing.
We have to check out of the Hotel at 1200hrs. The train station is a good taxi ride away and you can’t book tickets on line, you have to go there, queue up and buy them ( we think 1 hour before the departure time but this isn’t clear). In order to do this we need to leAve our suitcases and baggage some where. The train we want to catch, the over night sleeper, doesn’t leave till 1830.
So do we leave the bags here, go to the station and try to buy tickets, come back and collect the bags and then go back again or take the bags at 1200 hrs and then hang around till six?
What would you do?

NB. Ok, all is well. Just went into the travel agents next door and the guy in there is from Wiltshire and has a Thai wife, he booked us two sleeper seats for tonight’s train (1930) at 1800 Baht. We can leave our cases with him and come back for them when were ready to leave. He advised taking a meter taxi from outside as they will take us directly to the station where as the TukTuk drivers will give you a guided tour of Bangkok. So big shout out for the travel agents next door to the Sakul Hotel,108/117 Rambuttri, Banglampoo.


2 thoughts on “Today’s challenge

  1. Ha ha at last I have caught up with the 21st century, I am printing off your blog now and taking it home and going to read it in bed after corry! Take care catch up soon.

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