Sakul House Hotel, Rambuttri Alley

Got to the Hotel at Bout 2130 this evening after a rather tortuous journey by minibus, Catamaran, coach and finally Tuk-Tuk

We booked this on line yesterday out of desperation as our plans were failing faster than the ‘Big Society’.

It’s right in the middle of the action backing on to the Kioh San Rd so I can hear the beat of music down on the street whilst I’m blogging, which seems very Glastonbury now but may become boring at three am.

I’ve just showered and the electric shower has no hot water, the door leaks and the toilet floor is wet and the safe doesn’t work but we got it for 1800 Baht which was 800 cheaper booking direct than using

However if you want to be near all the madness, and there’s plenty of that, but want a bit of luxury, try the Viengtai Hotel just down the road it’s great, nice rooms, good pool but about 1000 Baht per night dearer. Or the Aquatini riverside at 3000 Baht per night, but you get what you pay for.

You can save on the Hotel cost by eating and drinking on the streets.

We found Pad Thai at 25 baht a portion tonight. That’s 4 meals for a quid. Jaki and I shared one between us so that’s a pretty good deal.

A large Change (litre?) will set you back 80 Baht.

Right time for some kip.


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