How quickly we adapt.
We’ve been here a week and what seemed so alien and exciting is now becoming ‘matter of fact and familiar.’
Walking down the main road is no longer the challenge it was, we trip over obstacles less, haven’t fallen into a pot hole for days and only got hit by one scooter yesterday and that wasn’t technically my fault.
The food, which once seemed so different and exciting is becoming familiar and were finding it hard to source different types of fare.
There is Green Thai curry coming out of every drain and we are awash with Pad Thai.

So last night we tried the local Indian.
There were some dishes we recognised and some we didn’t.

We had a great version of a Samosa, which wasn’t triangular and wasn’t crispy but was more like a money pouch stuffed full of spicey potato & chick pea mix.
The mains were a bit of a gamble but we Chose two chicken dishes and asked if they could make them extra hot?
Although they were very tasty they were at best ‘Mild’ and slightly disappointing for that.

The Restaurant was open to the street so had no Aircon, instead they  had captured the market on electric fans of all shapes and sizes which blew one customers comb over into his Korma and scattered all the orders (written on scraps of paper) across the floor so they didn’t know which order went with which table. They also insisted on having too many staff all trying to work behind a counter that would only accommodate 2 and the food came out of a hatch above the drinks cabinet which resulted in some very unusual cocktails with bits of curry floating in them.

Yet this didn’t seem strange to us, rather we accepted ‘this was how they do it’!

The beach vendors are now hawking in packs and there was a group of them camped next to out sun beds yesterday selling, fruit, BBQ and drinks which was much better as tourist (which is what were referred to) could get all their needs met in one place.

I had my feet done yesterday.

They put some cream on the hard skin and then buff it off with a pumice stone, then she discovered I had toe nails and cut them, then wanted to paint my toe nails which was a step too far. Though the Fruit lady (Mrs Jack) pointed out to me a very attractive Lady Boy walking up the beach with a European Boy and we all wanted to ask “Does he know”?

One of the regulars, a guy called Nam sat with us last night and introduced his daughter whose name is ‘Enjoy’ and told us about himself and how he and his wife have to work 24/7 to look after the baby. He said it in a matter of fact way without any self pity which made it all the more poignant. All he wanted was a westerly wind on New Year’s Eve so he could sell his fire lanterns to tourists. That way they drift out to sea and cause no damage, if it’s any other way, and this morning it is, he won’t be allowed to sell and will loose his major source of income.

He did loose some credibility when he said he liked my grey hair and could he have his dyed that colour?

Lying on the Beach all day does make you feel tired, the heat and the fresh air, but a good night’s sleep is becoming harder to achieve.

Jaki doesn’t like Aircon, so we can’t have it on at night and we tried sleeping with the patio door open but she got bitten, so at night it’s very hot and sticky.

Those nights when we have a good drink you can get through till the morning when a dry mouth or a full bladder drives you to get up, but they are getting fewer and fewer.

The Cocktail which worked so well early on aren’t as appealing as they once were despite the added colours, piles of fruit and paper umbrellas. Chang beer is ok but two is enough.

We’ve taken to walking down through the village to the wine shop where they sell local Thai wines but the girl in the shop has little or no knowledge of wines and offer any old bottle when your looking for a Red. But that’s the Thai way.

So in the early hours, when it’s still dark and it’s too hot to sleep, too early to get up, I think.

Some of this is useful, and some rather dangerous.

Last night I was back in Bundaberg, considering our time spent with Georgia and why I was so upset by it and how we could have done things differently. Which ever way, it wasn’t a productive use of my time.
What would be more useful is resolving the next stage of our travels as we leave here on the 2nd Jan but were unable to get a flight as everyone wants to leave at the same time.
So we have a taxi collecting us at 0630 to take us to the Pier where we catch a Catamaran to the mainland and then a coach to Bangkok, arriving at 2000hrs, but we have been unable as yet to get a hotel room for that night as everywhere is fully booked.
Our plan is to get a train to Chang Mai the next day but this is becoming increasingly complicated to organise.

A bit like the Indian Restaurant?


2 thoughts on “Adaptation

  1. Glad to see all running smoothly, and that with your varied and interesting diet, you do not appear to be spending too much time on the toilet.
    On your way back to Bangkok, if you cannot get a Hotel in Bangkok, you could try a night in Hua Hin. Alternatively, later in our trip, we are staying at the Continent hotel, Bangkok, which is well positioned near the Sky Train and Soi Cowboy. It is quite expensive, but does have availability for the 2nd Jan.
    To book train tickets to Chiang Mai, we used an agency – Royal Exclusive Travel at There was a very helpful lady (May be), called Kitima Lin. She will get our tickets delivered to Chatrium, or they can be picked up from their place.
    Hope you last until the 8th Jan.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Looked at Hua Hin as an option but can’t get the train from there up to Chiangmai so have to go on to Bangkok. We’ve already booked a ferry to mainland and bus to Bangkok so will have to stick to that now. The service you describe is available here but they don’t guarantee your tickets, apparently they go to the station and buy them then deliver to your Hotel. Down side is, if tickets aren’t available they just give you your money back. Problem is, the Thai railway booking service is on holiday till second January so we can’t confirm anything in advance. We get in to Bangkok at 2000 and there’s a sleeper out at 2200 but knowing Thailand there’s no guarantee well get there on time. So were going to book 2 nights in Koh San Rd then take train up to Chiangmai.
      Off out now for New Year celebrations.

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