Night out in Lamai

imageThe Hotel offers a Laundry service but they charge per item and when I totted up, it came to just over 500 Baht. So I took my bag of washing to a laundry just off the main road where they charge 75 Baht per Kilo and the next day my stuff was ready for collection, washed and ironed.

Whilst out I took some shots of the bars and restaurants we’ve used and if I can I’ll try and get address’s as well. The theory behind this being that many of them look very un appealing to western eyes but the food served is local, delicious and safe. We’ve eaten in some very strange places but had no troubles. The vendor on the beach yesterday who made my chicken kebabs with fresh salad did a lot of hand washing and used a surgical glove at one stage to ensure things were kept clean.

The kebabs weren’t as good as the night before which we got from Mama’s restaurant, a stall by the side of the road. But it was interesting watching her prepare the salad with a mortar and pestle.

First a garlic, pounded, then a chilli, one chopped tomato, one lime squeezed dry, then a bit of pounding. Then she added dried small prawns, fish sauce, more chilli, some sugar paste and then grated what looked like a giant cucumber so it resembled and tasted like bean shoots. More mixing and pounding, before breaking a raw green bean into pieces then adding peanuts before a final stir and grind. All this crouched on the beach. Even the cooking is done there from a small charcoal BBQ carried with all the ingredience on a pole over her shoulder.

I collected my new white shirt from the Taylor’s ready for New Years Eve but my black one has had to go back. Despite all our encouragement to make the necessary changes the sleeves were too short, the length of the shirt too short and the cut around the bottom wasn’t how id asked for it to be. This wasn’t a problem though, they took it all in their stride.

Last night we decided we needed ‘Chips’ so we went to a place called ‘Bondi’ an Australian Bar ( my love affair with all things Australian lives on) where they claim to make the best burgers on the Island. Take it from me they don’t. Mine was undercooked and soggy in the middle but the venue was good, it was busy, there was live music and the singer/guitarist was good plus we were right on the road so could watch all the action.

Especially the Girlie bars opposite.

The house red was reasonably good though it’s always served cold here and they had ‘Thatchers Gold’ in bottles, not a drink I’d usually choose at home but here it was beautiful. There was some poor guy sat minding his own business who Jaki decided looked like her version of a typical’ ‘Mass murderer’ and as the night went on she became more convinced of his guilt. We left just before she made a citizens arrest.

And the source of this suspicion was, “That he was drinking Tea all night”!

After leaving there we walked up the beach looking for a beach bar but found the next bar along was in fact our Hotel bar and it looked pretty dead. So we went back out onto the road and had a drink in a small bamboo place full of Dutch, which we didn’t like much.

We crossed the road and sat outside a closed shop that was, after dark transformed into a 60 Baht a drink, cocktail bar. In the past I thought these were a bit of a rip off as they make great play about the pouring and the shaking but the drinks didn’t seem to have much of a kick. Not this one, my hang over is completely real this morning.

My next task is to insert some photos into the blog, but on the i Pad this is a bit of a challenge as they tend to get inserted at random places and attempts to move them last time lost me the whole blog so I’m not prepared for that this morning.

Instead  I’m gonna publish the text, then edit and insert, that way at least the text is saved. There is a word press app for iPad which might help but I’m buggered if I can open it as it asks for my URL and I don’t have a clue what that is.

So, here goes,

NB: I could only manage to insert one pic, as each new insert seemed to delete the previous one so back to the drawing board.


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