Contradictions of traveling abroad.

Like so many travelers before me I’m always amazed at how simple things can go so wrong when were abroad.

Sat on a sunbed reading whilst Jaki took a stroll up the beach, i didn’t spot the river of water that was flowing down the sloping terrace from the swimming pool to where Jaki’s beach bag, loaded with clean clothes, iPad and towels would eventually soak it up like a sponge. The little girl responsible for extracting bucket after bucket full of chlorinated water and pouring it onto the terrace is blissfully unaware of the carnage she has created.

But why have a sloping terrace in the first place, why not slope toward a drain?

This morning we went to see’Big Buddha’ at the top of the Island, We took a taxi from outside the hotel, had a 40 minute drive and paid 600 Baht. When we we’re dropped off, we found ourselves outside a few shops selling all forms of Buddha’s large and small, most of which wouldn’t be featured on ‘Cash in the Attic’ and a few restaurants.

Having missed breakfast we went into the first one, found a table and ordered. I chose ‘Spicey Papaya salad’ which sounded good and healthy and it must have been slimming as they for got to put the Papaya in it.

“Oh sowwy!” Said the waitress.

The Buddha was also a damp Squibb. It was like some one had built a really cheesy tourist attraction that hadn’t made any money and was now almost beyond repair, a bit like the Tropicana’ at Weston Super Mare, a crumbling white elephant or in this case, Ganesh.

Given this is an iconic Buddhist temple and a top tourist attraction, you’d think they would keep up with repairs but the place is falling to bits. Buddha must be  immune to any form of illness as he clearly doesn’t care about Hygiene, if the Toilet’s are anything to go by.

We spent all of half an hour trying to find some thing of value to look at and failed so decided to head back to our Hotel .

We flagged down a passing bus thing. It’s basically a pick up truck with benches in the back and you just hold on for grim death whilst the driver navigates through some of the worst driving and roads I’ve ever experienced. There are no rules.

Once back, I decided to order a sandwich from the restaurant and asked for a portion of Fries on the side. You would think the waitress would have told me the sandwich already comes with chips when she took the order, but no. So we had a mountain of chips to tackle as well as the Sarnies.

Good job it wasn’t “Happy Hour” where it’s 241.

The Hotel is filling up with Russians an French, two of the most depressed nations on earth judging by this lot.

Sour faced and smoking!


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