Boxing Day

We were keen to see whether anyone had left us any messages over night so sparked up the i Pad early only to find there was still no wifi.

I phoned down to reception and they told us. “Houston we have a problem.” Well, not in those words.

Apparently the engineers are working on the wifi and it will be up and running by 0830,so when 0930 arrive and we still didn’t have any wifi, we went out for breakfast.

There is a reasonable amount of choice available here at the Hotel, maybe 8-10 cooked dishes often curries (for breakfast this isn’t for the faint hearted) but there’s also, bacon American style, all fat burnt to a crisp, French toast, cereals, yoghurt which is especially good, and any type of egg dish you fancy.

This morning they had a special treat. Baked Beans in tomato sauce, not Heinz but pretty good just the same. I had this with grilled fish and toast and it was great, much better than their lobster!

We decided to explore the beach so headed north toward Chaweng walking in the surf as the sand was hot. At one point the sand disappeared and we had to walk across the patio of one of the numerous Hotel complexes and rejoin the beach further on. This area of the beach is much quieter, the accommodation tends to be Villas of all shapes and sizes from little ones that only contain 2 beds, to large 3 bedroom ones with their own porch and outside dining area’s but they are all on the beach. They also have great names though some are slightly exaggerated. Paradise Villas may well prove to be a bit run down and in need of a make over when you actually see it in the flesh, but they were all full of tourists so there’s some one for every villa no matter how rustic.

There aren’t many English voices to be heard. Mainly Dutch and German and they are clearly big spenders.

When the Beach touts come through, like hoards of locusts homing in on fresh crops the Germans buy everything.

These beach touts, though un-licenced, are in fact extremely useful as they provide all manner of services without the need to leave your sun bed.they offer, fresh fruit, ice creams, soft drinks, spring rolls, doughnuts, sun hats, whistles and toys for kids as well as massage, nail varnish and pedicures. There is one guy who carries a portable BBQ over his shoulder and will cook you fresh food.

They are also very friendly and don’t pester you or get upset if you decline their wares , they always keep on smiling .

We got almost to the end of the beach before it becomes rocky and goes around the Head Land to Chaweng proper and found a shady spot under a palm tree where we swam and sunbathed for an hour. The water here is enclosed slightly and is very shallow and calm so it was pleasant just to float in the swell.

Jaki took a wander and met a Dutch lady who was staying at the Meridian Hotel, a very expensive place and she invited Jaki onto their pontoon which juts out into the water allowing guests to sunbath and swim in the deeper water at the end where tropical fish can be seen darting in and out from under the pontoon. She advised swimming in the morning as after lunch the water gets cloudy and the jelly fish come in.

You often get a sharp sting in the water, yesterday it happened 3 times but you can’t see anything that may have caused this so I’m assuming there are very small jelly fish around that can give you a nip and be gone?

We walked back and dropped into a couple of places for a drink en route. One was a very organic place that offered all sorts of detox drinks and therapies. Others such as Sand and Sea offered beer and the company of a load of Dutch blokes smoking and drinking.

The best spot was a local vendor offering beer from a cooler at 50 Baht a bottle and he made his mate give us his chair to sit in whilst we drank.

later, back at the Hotel pool we got wifi access again and looked at pictures of turkey’s, Christmas trees, grand children, pets with hats on and a whole range of Face Book favourites, made a few phone calls and when all this was done, returned to our room only to find there was no wifi again.

So, I went down to reception and put the case. The girl behind the counter played around with my iPad like she knew what she was doing and in reception the Wifi worked perfectly. She couldn’t understand the problem. Eventually I got through to her and she made a phone call.

After which she explained that the wifi in the restaurant had broken, so they have taken the (router?) from the rooms and put it in the restaurant. Why couldn’t I use wifi there?

I explained that in order to listen to Jonny Cash whilst I’m showering I would have to turn the volume up extremely loud if the iPad was in the restaurant but she didn’t get it.

So, despite having a ‘Deluxe room’ (funny how deluxe is becoming associated with crap in my mind) and paying extra for wifi service, I’ll have to sit in the restaurant or reception to use it.

happy holidays.


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