Christmas Day

High all.

Typing on the Hotel computer but its a bit difficult as the keyboard is in Thai.

But just want to wish everyone  Happy Christmas.

Last night I called into the local Taylor ‘s to check on progress of  my hand made cotton shirt and had a fitting. it looks pretty good though i would have liked slightly longer sleeves but Head Office says its fine. so today the buttons go on and then i can collect.

We went out and had a roam rather than book some thing special.

Went into the local ‘Girley Bar’ the Marine Bar Lamai Beach,  Koh Samui where all the ladies we’re wearing rather skimpy Santa suits. They looked great but none of them asked me to sit on their knee though Jaki and i did have our Christmas antlers on so we had our picture taken with all the staff, which i’m assured will be on their face book page soon.

We then went down onto the beach where you could watch all the different cabaret acts performing at the various Hotels and we sat and watched a very bizarre act (one bloke dressed as a woman and a woman calling to each other across the pool) but i don’t get what it was about and judging by the reaction of the audience, nor did they.

We walked up the beach to one of the more lively bars where all the youngsters seemed to be and watched a limbo competition under a flaming bar but the smell of Kerosene was so over powering it eventually drove us away.

We went and sat at a street stall and had ‘chicken and rice in fish sauce’ whilst watching the antics of  a local girl who had befriended two English Guys, she was definitely giving them the best Christmas Eve they’ve had in a long while though i suspect CPA will be needed at some stage.

The Bars’ along the road all sell “Petrol” in pint size glass bottles which are bought by people who ride motor scooters. The first night we were here i thought it was a drink of local hooch called ‘petrol’ No wonder they wouldn’t sell me a pint. So we settled for G & T’s but for some strange reason every glass i had was loaded and Jaki seemed to get all the Tonic??

Then we made our way back to our hotel, hung up our stockings and went to bed.

We’ve decorated our balcony so ill send some pictures later and ill publish some “Look at us on Christmas day and eat yer heart out” photos too.

Till then, have a good one.


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