Thai Beach house Hotel, Lamai, Koh Samui

We went out exploring last night but didn’t have to go far to find plenty of interest.

As soon as you step outside of the Hotel lobby you are in the thick of Thai night life.

The village itself has enough shops, bar’s and Restaurants to keep anyone busy but on Sunday nights there’s a street market and it had a Christmas Theme, well a sort of Thai Christmas Theme.

The road was shut to traffic and stalls of every shape and size were advertising their wares in a cocophany of sound and lights. The smells were amazing with the different food stall’s competing to fill the air with the smell of their particular fare. BBQ’d meats, curries of all descriptions, fried insects, prawns, fish and chicken were available as well as some stuff we didnt recognise.

They were very enterprising in the way things were served too.

As this is street food it is designed to be eaten with fingers, maybe forks but always on the move. So curries were cooked and put in polythene bags, swirled around to form an air pocket and then sealed. We sat in a Reggae bar which was slightly raised up at the junction in the middle of the market and watched a lady cooking Fish and Squid curry on a gas burner. She couldn’t cook them quick enough the demand was so great. All this under a small lamp in conditions that would be outlawed in the UK. Though if the Tories are successful, this may be how well all be working in the future.

Opposite was a small stage where we watched a group of Thai girls dressed in Santa outfits singing traditional Christmas Songs and carols, in English. There was some thing faintly ‘camp’ about this but it was very compelling and great entertainment.

They were followed by a very pissed Dutch (?) guy who sang, rather flatly, to Rolling stones sound tracks wearing a Santa hat and although his voice wasn’t great and his translation of the lyrics left a bit to be desired, we found ourselves dancing in the street with about 20 other people of our age.

I Decided to really push the boat out.

We had a couple of Beers and a Havana Rum and coke ( notice I didn’t say Bacardi, still got my boycott thing going) then we hit the cocktail stalls where we had Cocktails for 60 Baht each, we dined on prawns deep fried, potato swizzle’s served on a stick and dusted with chilli powder, and deep fried pasties filled with sweet chickpeas and coconut. The whole night cost about 600 Baht.

We went down onto the beach and sat listening to another live musician playing some Eagles tracks before making our way home to bed. 

What a night.

This morning we slept late, got up and went out for lunch (too late for hotel breakfast) having our first chicken Pad Thai which was amazingly good and two cups of tea which again were made to perfection.

On our way back to the hotel Jaki decided to have a Bikini wax so whilst I was waiting I had a full Thai massage, both treatments came to 900 Baht.

After all that effort we needed some R&R so we threw ourselves onto a couple of sun beds on the beach and slept.

Now the smell of BBQ is drifting across the beach and I’m fighting the urge.

Guess I’ll have to be strong till later though I will be visiting the Gym for a while This evening before the drinking starts in ernest.

There is a Full big boys gym opposite the Hotel but Im not sure I’m up for that yet.


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