Getting to Koh Samui

Back Packer aeroplane
Back Packer aeroplane

We left Julie-Ann’s at about 2000 hrs local time and drove to the airport, a simple trip of about 40 minutes. We took the car back to Hertz who didn’t check it or look at petrol level so I hope they don’t come back later saying there are issues.Melbourne airport isn’t very big so it’s easy enough to get around but the bar still closed at 2230 so if you had a late departure, you couldn’t get a drink.

They advertise free WiFi and there are signs for WiFi hot spots but after walking all the way to the information centre to get a pass word, it didn’t work which was rather annoying.

Our flight was on time 0015 on Saturday(?) morning but they had swapped the plane so instead of a Jumbo we had some thing much smaller and by the look of it, much cheaper. This made the 9 hour flight a bit tedious as the seats we’d been allocated (60 A&B) were toward the back and were only a pair, but they didn’t have the leg room or space we’d had on the outward trip. Infact, there was about

as much room as an Easy a Jet flight to  Alicante.

What was worse, an Ozzie guy got on pissed as a fart and sat in the seat in front of me. He stunk of Booze and insisted on tilting his seat back fully for the whole trip, so I was staring at his MPB for 9 hours ( minus loo breaks).

(If I wasn’t so easy going) I could have happily stabbed his bald bounce with me fork if it weren’t made of cheap plastic!

However, I took my 10 mg Valium after the meal which was a tasty Thai Curry and slept till they served Brekkie.

When we landed at Bangkok we were advised that our bags would go directly to Koh Samui and we would clear customs there. Not true, you clear customs at Bangkok.

The flight to Koh Samui was about an hour but we spent nearly that long taxiing up the runway, by the time we took off, I needed a pee Which meant I had to squeeze past the stewardess’s trolley, as they fed us again.

Samui airport is great, it’s thatched, very small and the bus they use to take you from the plane is like an old Brighton tram. Even the planes looked like they were designed for back packers with their multi coloured livery.

Bags arrived without obvious damage, though they need to be checked, as Jaki has purchased a new one due to damage caused on the journey from London. Funny how our weight has gone up by 3 kilo yet we still only have the same stuff? It might be the additional weight of the flies which appear to have stowed away in our suitcases and are now doing their best to wind me up.

When we came out of the airport we booked a minibus (350baht for two) rather than a taxi (800) and waited till we had 2 others who wanted to share,then we were off. The initial impression is a cross between Mauritius and Crete, a sort of grubby chaos that begs to be explored.

At the Hotel we were met by a guy bearing cold towels decorated with a white flower and a small drink (passion fruit?) which kept us happy whilst he dealt with all the new comers and a moped hire.

So, I’m sat watching some French Kids jumping in and out of the pool, soaking everyone led on the surrounding sun beds.

it looks like I’m going to have plenty to blog about and plenty to keep me busy.

Designing devious ways of killing flies and 4 French kids Is sure to be a time waster!

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