Not just Penguins

As if watching penguins wasn’t enough, today Jaki announced we were going to visit the local Animal Sanctuary.

So off we went.

Now, if your idea of a good time is walking round knee deep in pooh whilst fighting off swarms of flies intent on getting up your nose and in your ears Then this is the place for you.

I did have a bit of a titter when I went into the visitor centre to use the loo and found I had a lump of Kangaroo Pooh stuck firmly to the sole of my sandals which I then spread evenly through the centre. spontaneously I scraped my shoe on the carpet to remove the lump and left a wheel barrow size pile on the floor. Naturally I scarpered and headed for the toilet where I hid till the giggles subsided. However, it wouldn’t take the tracking skills of Davey Crockett to follow the footprints to my cubicle.

Outside, Jaki was engrossed in feeding these hopping rodents from a bag of feed. She soon got fed up with that when a pack of Emu’s wrestled the bag from her hand without the help of Rod Hull. We persevered with our viewing, through a landscape that was suited to the animals but was alien to humans.

Despite the opportunity to see Wombats, hurray, Dingos, hurrah, and loads more kangaroos, yippee, I had lost the will to live and went back to the car.

Jaki being far more resilient than me, continued the tour until she actually found a live Koala.

So the great Koala mystery has been solved. The live ones live in animal sanctuaries where you have to pay to see them. 

On balance, I think I prefer my kangaroo’s dead on the side of the road, rather than hopping round a sanctuary waist deep in shite.


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