Merimbula to Phillip Island

We set out for a very long drive along the A1 through Eden,Genoa and Cann River where we stopped for coffee.

Cann River is some where you wouldn’t want to go if you look like John Voight or Bert Reynolds. It is Beverley hill Billy country. So, the Cafe was interesting, full of hand knitted kangaroos and cheap nicknacks, though we were surprised to see Golly Wog hand Puppets for sale! Can you believe it, in this day and age.

However, the fried egg sandwich and a pot of tea was the best I’ve had since weve been here.

We continued on to Lakes Entrance where we intended to stay for a night, but when we got there, it wasnt very pretty, it seems to be a commercial fishing port with a few shops, restaurants and motels which have sprung up around it.

We stopped to stretch our legs and were immediately covered in flies. This made the decision for us and we got back in the car, swatted the flies that accompanied us and drove on.

This gave us a dilemma as we didn’t have a venue to aim for, so we drove till I started to get tired and then we looked for a Motel.

We booked into the Tarra Motel at Yarram, which was a bit old fashioned but reasonably priced. However, the temperature had dropped considerably and that night we got very cold.

We went up to the local Bowling club for dinner. It was heaving. There seemed to be several groups having a Christmas Party as they had paper hats on and crackers on the table. Some how though there just wasn’t much of a Christmas feeling in Yarram Bowling Club on the 14th December.

They didn’t even have ‘Slade’ playing.

When choosing a Motel it is worth looking at how the bed is made up.

Electric blankets are still used a lot and in the more established places it’s like lying on  a hose pipe which has been bolted together.

Lots of Motels still use ordinary ‘blankets’ which are tucked in tightly all round, rather than a Duvet.

This may be fine for most people but when you have an artificial knee and the other one is arthritic you cant cope with a lot of weight on your legs. When I tried to turn over during the night my torso turned but my legs from knees down stayed where they were, it was like they were unscrewed.

So I had to pull the blankets out from under the bed, then they all got in a tangle, so I threw them on the floor, then I got cold so I had to put them on again. All to the tune of Jaki’s gentle snorting! Not a great night.

I would have read for a bit but the bed side light was a 6 foot florescent strip light and the new Nelson Mandela paperback weighed a ton. Oh I was fed up.

When it started to get light (0406 hrs) I was looking forward to getting in the car, at least I could turn the heater on.

Come morning, We drove to the address Julie Ann had given us for her Cottage on the Olive Farm at Leongatha.

If we thought Yarram was out in the stick, we were in for a shock. This was 20 minutes drive from the nearest town and down a dirt road. It looked ‘cute’ but boy was it rustic.

We considered what we could do for two days sat in the middle of an olive grove with no TV and the Oyster’s long gone?

Jack suggested we drive to Phillip Island where you can apparently watch Penguin’s.

Ok, so were bored and were out in the sticks but is watching Penguin’s really the only alternative to self harming as a means of passing the time?

We drove to Phillip Island which turned out to be over an hour away only to find that watching Penguin’s starts at 2030 hrs and finishes about 2200 so driving back to Dead Man’s Gulch at that time of night wasn’t do-able.

The only option was to book some accommodation over night. However, it was expensive.

The only deal we could get was for two nights, so we took that, unloaded the gear and as it was Beer O’Clock. Went for a drink.


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