Drive from Newcastle to Wollongong

What a miserable drive.

Back on the Pacific Highway with its, road works, changes in max speed limits, Saturday morning traffic, speed cameras and England Test side crumbling like a pack of Digestives. I’m glad now we didn’t make the effort to get down to Adelaide as it would have been a waste of money.

Found the Boat Harbour Motel, Wollongong which reminds me of an old B&B at Weston Super Mare.

The smell of cabbage greets you at the door just before an old Crone appeared behind the Reception. This doesn’t even have the Humour of a Faulty Towers.

A rickety old lift took us to the third floor where our room was ‘On the South Side’ which does give us a view over the park to the Harbour.

We had to move a funny round coffee table and two sixties cocktail chairs out onto the balcony ( non smoking rooms with ashtrays on the balcony?) so we had enough room to get the bags in. We tried to get as much of our food as possible into the fridge but it’s the size of a shoe box, so some of it has to be thrown away.

Theres a double bed and a single, a small sink and a bathroom, so it does have some facilities but this is bottom end accommodation and I’m really surprised places like this are promoted by as anything other than cheap accommodation.

However yesterday was expensive with us eating in the Hotel Restaurant, so we need to keep on top of the funds, which like the England Test Team, almost run out.


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