Pinch punch first of the month

Sunday morning found us bright eyed and bushy tailed after 13 hours sleep.

The Sun was out and it looked like a good day for a Picnic, so we filled the cool boxes with a range of goodies and set out for Burnett’s Heads.

However, as soon as we left the site there were cars everywhere and Jaki’s antenna picked up the vibe of a market. So I found a parking spot and we set off to see what was causing so much interest. 

The market was a mix of stall’s, food and entertainment With marquee’s set up to accommodate bands, food stalls selling everything from Jamaican jerk to Indonesian curry and a range of arts crafts and clothing. There was no alcohol on sale and no one seemed to be drinking.

Jaki set off on a mission whilst I sipped a coffee (flat white has become the coffee of choice) and listened to the band the Maniacs, though none of them looked remotely mad to me and I’ve been around the Mad Jock for years so I know the signs. Having said that, the old dancing queen from last night made an appearance and I was shocked to see her skin was much worse in daylight than it had appeared last night, a lesson in not spending too much time in the sun or marrying an Armadillo?

When they finished on the ‘Main Stage’ a one man band called Juzzie Smith took over on the ‘Other Stage’ and I thought I was in for a treat. Unfortunately he was a bit self indulgent and his music ( though he told us he writes music for TV adverts) was a bit dull however, there were a few highlights.

He did a ‘Beatbox’ whilst playing the mouth organ, which was pretty good and he juggled whilst playing mouth organ and percussion with his feet. In reality I’d have preferred him to concentrate on delivering a good musical set rather than mess about.

We bought some Glastonbury attire, I found a rather fetching waistcoat and Jaki some Tie Dye trousers and she had just finished trying on a pair of shoes when the wind blew heavily and the whole back of the stall collapsed onto the stool where she’d been sat.

Pity really cause that would have been a great claim on the Holiday Insurance.

We drove into Burnett’s Heads and found the Fisherman’s Cooperative was open so we joined countless locals and bought fish and chips fresh caught, fresh cooked and eaten out doors with lemon juice as our Sunday Lunch. It was bloody good though we could have done with a single portion of chips and maybe more fish rather than the mountain of spuds we ended up with.

Once consumed we moved to the little sheltered beach over the bridge and slept in the sun for a few hours. Jaki made a little friend who sang us happy birthday in Japanese before her Grand Mother Dragged her away and apologised on her behalf as she can be a ‘little chatterbox’. Actually she was very charming.

When we got back to Byron we set out to find another venue from which we could watch the Schoolies antics, spot the newbies (Sunday must be change over day) and keep ourselves entertained, but it wasn’t to be. There was almost nothing going on in Byron on a Sunday Evening. Most of the entertainment seems to involve hijacking a shopping trolley, filling it full of booze then picking up a take away from one of the many outlets and disappear back to your lodgings with a dozen mates for a party.

The Beach Hotel does have entertainment that goes on a bit later and we will try that out before we leave but there was nothing in town that had anything like an atmosphere going on, so we ended up back at the Northern with another bottle of wine, then a short stroll back to the railway before heading back to the Deluxe Cabin where we ate our picnic.

At long last.



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